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PBC News & Comment: Distractor-in-chief Peddles Fear of Migrants and Trannies

With 15 days to midterms, Trump stokes fear of migrant caravan and renews attacks on transgender rights, sowing division, discord….–Massachusetts voters will decide on attempted repeal of law prohibiting discrimination against transgender persons

–despite all of the immigrant-bashing, immigrants and first generation Americans are wining local elections, new interview with author Sayu Bhojwani

–as Saudis admit they killed Khashoggi, Trump tries to keep up with shifting, laughable cover stories

NY Times rediscovers Saudi war in Yemen, and reports on Saudi online troll farms without noting that US and Israel do that, too

–mystery blogger MoonOf Alabama has interesting comments on Khashoggi case

–corporate media pundits who lobby for dictators get lots of face time, but no mention of their ties, as Glenn Greenwald reports

–and Greyzone exposes Vice News deals to produce Saudi propaganda,  as Vice co-founder makes news as leader of white nationalist “Proud Boys”

–in fresh, in-depth interview, writer Ian Berman slams claims of “anti-Semitism” aimed at UK’s Jeremy Corbyn and others

–an Israeli with a conscience gets hammered for telling the truth at UN

–in FL debate of candidates for Governor, Democrat Gillum actually answered some of the questions

–as Dems build hopes of reclaiming House, Nancy Pelosi deftly talks about leadership transition

–to weigh ethics complaints against new Justice Kavanaugh, chief Roberts selected a right-wing ally

–based on leaks from leak-proof Mueller investigation, Roger Stone and WikiLeaks are still being looked at

–federal prosecutors—not Mueller probe—file charges that allege Russian interference in this year’s elections

–journo prof Kathleen Hall Jamieson is convinced that Russia got Trump elected

–journalist Caitlin Johnstone says Russiagate proof would’ve leaked by now

–FAIR recaps media malpractice on Russiagate