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PBC News & Comment: Distractor-in-chief Peddles Fear of Migrants and Trannies

With 15 days to midterms, Trump stokes fear of migrant caravan and renews attacks on transgender rights, sowing division, discord….--Massachusetts voters will decide on attempted repeal of law prohibiting discrimination against transgender persons

--despite all of the immigrant-bashing, immigrants and first generation Americans are wining local elections, new interview with author Sayu Bhojwani

--as Saudis admit they killed Khashoggi, Trump tries to keep up with shifting, laughable cover stories

--NY Times rediscovers Saudi war in Yemen, and reports on Saudi online troll farms without noting that US and Israel do that, too

--mystery blogger MoonOf Alabama has interesting comments on Khashoggi case

--corporate media pundits who lobby for dictators get lots of face time, but no mention of their ties, as Glenn Greenwald reports

--and Greyzone exposes Vice News deals to produce Saudi propaganda,  as Vice co-founder makes news as leader of white nationalist “Proud Boys”

--in fresh, in-depth interview, writer Ian Berman slams claims of “anti-Semitism” aimed at UK’s Jeremy Corbyn and others

--an Israeli with a conscience gets hammered for telling the truth at UN

--in FL debate of candidates for Governor, Democrat Gillum actually answered some of the questions

--as Dems build hopes of reclaiming House, Nancy Pelosi deftly talks about leadership transition

--to weigh ethics complaints against new Justice Kavanaugh, chief Roberts selected a right-wing ally

--based on leaks from leak-proof Mueller investigation, Roger Stone and WikiLeaks are still being looked at

--federal prosecutors—not Mueller probe—file charges that allege Russian interference in this year’s elections

--journo prof Kathleen Hall Jamieson is convinced that Russia got Trump elected

--journalist Caitlin Johnstone says Russiagate proof would’ve leaked by now

--FAIR recaps media malpractice on Russiagate