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In-Depth Interview: Writer Ian Berman Decries False Charges of “Anti-Semitism”

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Ian Berman discusses his 3-part series Anti-Semitism As A Sword, triggered by false charges of anti-Semitism leveled at UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.Berman is a recovering corporate banker from Wall Street, a longtime listener and subscriber to the PBC podcast, and a Jewish American who opposes many of the extreme policies of the government of Israel.  He wrote a 3-part series for MintPress News that you can read here, here, and here.

Berman believes that anti-Semitism is real, and has no tolerance for hate aimed at Jewish people and institutions.  In the current climate of nationalism and free expression of racism, there’s been no discernible rise in anti-Semitism.  Yet some Zionists and their allies routinely apply the term to speech and actions that are critical of the State of Israel and its political leaders.

Berman went deep on the efforts to tarnish Corbyn with charges of anti-Semitism based on flimsy evidence, and he believes that political opponents in Britain and the long arm of the Israeli government are behind these moves.  PBC shares his own experience, being monitored by the Anti-Defamation League in San Francisco after he hosted radio shows with guests who criticized Israeli policies, noting that Israel has long sought to control commentary about it.

And Berman shares his own anguish as a Jewish American with clear, rational views of the oppression of Palestinians, using tactics that were previously used to marginalize and eliminate Jews in Europe just 70 years ago.