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PBC News & Comment: Looks Like Those “False Flag” Claims Were False

With arrest of MAGA extremist in South Florida, the ignorant speculation by Trump and allies of Left conspiracy quickly evaporates….--56-year-old Cesar Sayoc is registered Republican with criminal record, including past bomb threats

--WashPost has handy list of the verbal attacks Trump has made on the targets

--hours before the arrest, Trump tweeted his regret that “bomb stuff”is displacing his fear-mongering on migrants in media coverage

--Trump plans to issue executive order on Tuesday, closing the southern border to migrants of certain nations

--from the previous caravan last spring, 93% of 401 people wre granted asylum hearings

--recovering torturer and CIA Director Gina Haspel briefed Trump on Khashoggi assassination on return from Turkey yesterday

--Craig Murray, former UK ambassador, has interesting intel on Haspel’s visit to Turkey

--at ConsortiumNews, Daniel Lazare has a good analysis, and so does Gareth Porter at Middle East Eye

--comedian Lee Camp, host of RT’s Redacted Tonight, explains how Russians write his scripts

--Buzzfeed runs story on Russian trolls that’s loaded with data on Twitter bots, then admits that there is no known impact from all that “meddling

--John Bolton extended an invitation for Putin to visit Washington at Moscow meeting this week

--Greg Palast confirms that Georgia’s Brian Kemp purged 340,000 voters who had not moved

--in Minnesota, Keith Ellison is losing in polls for AG race, after former girlfriend accused him of emotional abuse

--Megyn Kelly is being terminated by NBC for low ratings and dumb comments about blackface