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PBC News & Comment: Millions of Experts Already Know Who to Blame for Pipe Bombs Sent to Democrats, CNN

Before any investigation started, mainstream media and social media overflowed with conclusions from Sherlocks who don’t need evidence….–corporate media’s Russiagate obsession has damaged its credibility, leaving huge opening for Trump’s attacks—most of which are false

–Trump and Huckabee Sanders actively ignore their own roles in vilifying media

–smart PBC listeners react to the story

–Saudis revise the Khashoggi assassination narrative, again, as CIA boss Haspel reportedly got to listen to the alleged recordings of the murder

–former CIA officer John Kiriakou shares stories from his duty in Saudi kingdom, and calls for coup to take out Crown Prince MBS

–the estimable journalist Robert Fisk explains how Saudi Arabia and Israel unite to squelch al Jazeera

–in empty gesture aimed at injecting more fear of the Caravan, Trump orders 800 US troops to the border, where they won’t do much

–while Trump rants and tweets about the border “Emergy”, The Guardian calmly points out that total southern border crossings were 3 times greater in 2000

–Trump denies NY Times report that he insists on using unsecured iPhones, and that Chinese and Russian spies are listening in

–Putin’s matter-of-fact response to US threat to pull out of arms treaty is called a “threat” by NY Times

–Georgia is the center of voter suppression efforts, but the schemes are widespread

–at ConsortiumNews, Max Blumenthal co-authors report quoting top Neocon insider that Facebook’s recent purge is “just the beginning”