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PBC News & Comment: In Midterm Desperation, Trump Goes for “Batshit Crazy” Voters

Trump’s scorched-earth fear campaign moves to Defcon 4 as he ruthlessly, recklessly promotes partisan division with proven lies, constant tweets….--Trump bullies lame duck Speaker Ryan for telling the truth: “you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order”

--scrambling to hold on to her seat, Missouri ConservaDem Sen. Claire McCaskill separates herself from “crazy Democrats”

--Democratic dark money superPac peels back the curtain a little, sharing its strategy of fighting GOP on issues, not Trump

--WhoWhatWhy continues its great election coverage, exposing how 8 states require voters to declare their race on registration forms

--David Sirota and colleague publish lengthy expose of initiative battle in Colorado, where Big Oil wants to squelch local control

--David Dayen helps California voters understand the $140 million struggle over Proposition 8, which would regulate dialysis industry

--more details emerge about pipe bomb suspect Sayoc’s online research of his targets

--at The Intercept, Natasha Lennard takes on media’s “both-siderism” in coverage of hate speech and violence

--Turkish prosecutor keeps up pressure on Saudis, repeating alleged details of Khashoggi’s killing, without evidence

--2 Saudi Arabian sisters who lived in Virginia are found dead on Hudson River bank in New York, after they sought US asylum protection

--Indonesia expresses outrage after Saudis execute Indonesian citizen for murder of her employer, she said it was self-defense

--FBI informer/mob hitman Whitey Bulger meets brutal death in prison

--Robert Mueller, who ran FBI when Bulger was a paid informant, asks FBI to investigate reports of attempted frame-up of Mueller on harassment allegations