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PBC News & Comment: Trump Descends Even Lower, Drops “Willie Horton” Ad

In new ad, Trump uses racism and demagoguery to link Democrats to Mexican immigrant convicted of killing 2 Sacramento cops….--it echoes Trump’s malicious attacks on San Francisco after 206 death of Kate Steinle, which the jury ruled was accidental

--in accurate critical report, The Guardian notes that Democrats have no climate change plan if they win the House

--in big win for Arizona election protection activist John Brakey, Florida orders ballot images retained from all electronic voting machines

--WhoWhatWhy has an otherwise excellent report on vulnerability of voting machines and tabulators focused on Russian, but not American, meddlers

--in new in-depth interview, Aaron Maté of The Nation and The Real News notes that Russiagate is not mentioned in almost all Democratic campaigns

--in lengthy, speculative report, NY Times asks, “Where are the Russians?”

--WashPost reveals phone chats between Crown Prince MBS and Kushner and Bolton at White House after Khashoggi assassination

--US and Britain call for cease fire in Yemen

--US adds to tension with China after tariff threats, as AG Sessions indicts Chinese agents for allegedly stealing trade secrets

--former CIA employee charged with leaking “Vault 7” hacking tools, is accused of more leaking from prison; defendant Josh Schulte says its retaliation

--Googlers stage worldwide protest of Androi Andy Rubin’s $90 million parachute after sex allegations

--WashPost profiles Andrew Torba, 27-year-old founder of Gab, where haters go when they are kicked off other social media