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PBC News & Comment: Trump Descends Even Lower, Drops “Willie Horton” Ad

In new ad, Trump uses racism and demagoguery to link Democrats to Mexican immigrant convicted of killing 2 Sacramento cops….–it echoes Trump’s malicious attacks on San Francisco after 206 death of Kate Steinle, which the jury ruled was accidental

–in accurate critical report, The Guardian notes that Democrats have no climate change plan if they win the House

–in big win for Arizona election protection activist John Brakey, Florida orders ballot images retained from all electronic voting machines

WhoWhatWhy has an otherwise excellent report on vulnerability of voting machines and tabulators focused on Russian, but not American, meddlers

–in new in-depth interview, Aaron Maté of The Nation and The Real News notes that Russiagate is not mentioned in almost all Democratic campaigns

–in lengthy, speculative report, NY Times asks, “Where are the Russians?”

WashPost reveals phone chats between Crown Prince MBS and Kushner and Bolton at White House after Khashoggi assassination

–US and Britain call for cease fire in Yemen

–US adds to tension with China after tariff threats, as AG Sessions indicts Chinese agents for allegedly stealing trade secrets

–former CIA employee charged with leaking “Vault 7” hacking tools, is accused of more leaking from prison; defendant Josh Schulte says its retaliation

–Googlers stage worldwide protest of Androi Andy Rubin’s $90 million parachute after sex allegations

WashPost profiles Andrew Torba, 27-year-old founder of Gab, where haters go when they are kicked off other social media