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PBC News & Comment: Superhero Don Protects Us From Imaginary Invaders

Trump relentlessly pumps apocalyptic fear of immigrants and lies continuously in desperate ploy to hold GOP House majority in midterms….–former GOP senator and Obama Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel blasts Trump for using troops as “pawns” at the border

–The Don’s hysterical order for troops to shoot migrants who throw rocks is used by Nigerian Army to justify shooting 49 protesters to death

–while Dems and media accuse Russia of “sowing discord”, new poll shows how Trump has divided Americans with attacks on media

–the vitriol, lies and hate have motivated voters, as 18 states report early voting has already exceeded total voting in 2014 midterms

–White House sources say Trump may be ready to fire Interior Secretary Zinke over land deal in Montana and other issues

–over at Treasury, Secretary Mnuchin says he would honor requests for Trump tax returns if Dems win the House

–federal judge in Maryland rejects government effort to delay lawsuit against Trump over Emoluments Clause

–as Trump feeds red meat to his base, the administration announces new sanctions against Iran, as Trump tweets selfie with Game of Thrones theme

–at ConsortiumNews, Patrick Lawrence says that US effort to isolate Iran will probably isolate US

–allies of Julian Assange call emergency huddle, as NY Times discloses 2016 emails between Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and others about releases by WikiLeaks

Buzzfeed report predicts Mueller will get active after midterms, but it’s just more speculation, coupled with admission that convictions to date don’t prove much

–following Pittsburgh massacre, Facebook allowed ad placement by reporter Sam Biddle that targeted “white genocide conspiracy theory” fans

–Facebook reports earnings, says it wants to scale back News Feed to make more room for photos of cats and fabulous meals

–new jobs report shows unemployment down, and wages starting to inch up, while the 1% rack up record corporate profits

–to prepare for the next Wall Street crash, Federal Reserve rolls back rules for banks that were imposed after 2008 meltdown

Here’s a list of top 20 political donors this cycle, tilting toward Dems

–top psychiatrist for California prisons blows the whistle on manipulated data delivered to judge overseeing prison healthcare