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PBC News & Comment: Trumpocalypse Darkness Covers Midterm Elections

Trump is king of wedge politics, promotinging fear and division over any kind of positive, forward-looking message…will it succeed?...--on eve of midterms, many races are tied and Trump’s brutal campaign based on lies and hate—coupled with voter suppression schemes—are likely to hold Senate

--from her perch at WashPost, Margaret Sullivan gives MSM C- grade for midterm coverage, accurately notes how they are routinely baited by our Dear Tweeter

--and her colleague Phillip Rucker captures this noir moment

--Trump claims ignorance of racist, deceitful ad he tweeted to 6 million

--61% of midterm campaign ads are negative

--MAGA? Farmers in North Dakota have a million bushels of soybeans that may rot, because Trump’s trade war led China to reduce imports by 94%

--Georgia is focus of GOP voter suppression, and Brian Kemp makes desperate attack on Dems with “hacking investigation” after major vulnerability revealed by WhoWhatWhy

--NextGen America predicts young voters will increase participation by 14% compared to 2014

--Kris Kobach, running for Kansas governor, has many ties to white sumpremacists, reports The Guardian

--Assange Watch: Joe Lauria breaks the news of attempted break-in at London embassy of Ecuador, visitor found front door open, no security

--Iran vows to break US sanctions and resist “psychological warfare”

--in interview, Trump blames Saudi fighters for “user error” in bombing of school bus in Yemen that killed 51, including 40 children

--fallout from Saudi assassination of Khashoggi hasn’t led to any change for US contractors who run Saudi Navy, help with surveillance of regime critics

--under Trump, corporate wrongdoers get love—and reduced fines-- from regulators

--Amazon is being boycotted by rare book dealers after sudden cut off of 5 countries; Saudis threaten boycott over WashPost coverage of Khashoggi affair