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PBC News & Comment: (Selective) Outrage Builds As Trump Takes A Knee to Saudis

Corporate media outlets properly denounce Trump for bizarre, inaccurate statement supporting Saudis, but ignore history of accommodation….–at NY Times, Julian Barnes ridicules Trump’s statement and points out some false claims—but not all

–in separate “news analysis, The Times hammers Trump for “transactional” approach and support for autocrats, but neither is new

–at WashPost, which leverages its connections to Khashoggi, recaps Trump’s tough statements about the assassination and repercussions

–Turkey slams Trump’s “comic stance” as it tries to leverage the assassination into extradition of Gulen from US

–Glenn Greenwald blasts away the hypocrisy, says Trump has bluntly, candidly stated America’s amoral policies, consistent with his predecessors

–anonymous sources say Trump has repeatedly tried to order prosecution of Hillary Clinton and James Comey, but cooler heads and legal memos dissuaded him

–oops, Homeland Security just admitted that the troops sent to the border were not needed; those troops will be home for Christmas

–federal judge in Jackson strikes down Mississippi abortion law that’s clearly unconstitutional, in blistering opinion

–rebuffing Trump attacks on judges, Chief Justice Roberts defends his black-robed colleagues

–more dirt surfaces on Acting AG Whitaker

–just in time for Black Friday, Amazon faces glitches it says were not a data breach