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PBC News & Comment: TrumpCo Tries to Bury Scary Climate Report

On “Black Friday”, Trump dumps mandated climate report that forecasts major economic damage, more wildfires and deadly extreme weather events…

Next podcast on Monday, December 3

–picture of tear-gassed woman and her toddlers goes viral, and Trump gets pictures of “criminal mobs” in San Diego border showdown yesterday

–Trump tries to cram down deal with new Mexican administration, which denies it has agreed to hold US asylum seekers south of the border

–Hillary Clinton reveals her true attitudes about migrants in interview, saying that Europe must limit refugees from Iraq, Syrian, Libyan wars she supported

–Ukraine to declare martial law after Russia seized two Ukrainian vessels and a tug boat

–Max Blumenthal reveals how American white nationalist groups are getting support from Ukraine’s ne-Nazi Azov Battalion

–PBC hosts special TV show on 5g wireless, focused on Marin County but with info that’s useful anywhere

–leading critic of EMF and cell phones Dr. Martin Pall lists 8 negative impacts of cell phone emissions

–writer Patricia Burke takes a humorous look, asking if wireless radiation is ruining sex

—-NY Times reports that Khashoggi assassination is threatening US-Suadi nuke power deal

–lame duck House GOP wants another romp on Russiagate, subpoenas Comey and former AG Lynch

–Jerome Corsi is publicly fighting with Mueller over plea deal and WikiLeaks connection, as Trump taunts Mueller with more tweets

–General Motors announces layoffs linked to Trump’s trade war

–Trump asks Supreme Court to fast track his pandering ban on trannies in military

–North Carolina seeks to promote voter suppression expert to federal court

–in California, state Dem chair is accused of gay sex assault and harassment

–Trump parachutes into Mississippi to turn out Klan vote for senate runoff

–our world is in upheaval, as protesters march in Beirut, Paris, Haiti and Czech Republic