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PBC News & Comment: Did Trump Imagine G-20 Trade Deal With China?

Trump claims he gave China 90-day reprieve on increased tariffs, says farm exports to resume, but Beijing has different story…--as Trump embarrassed us again at world forum, his dinner with Xi Jinping produced very different reports

--Trump has been getting reports from Manafort’s lawyers on his “cooperation” with Mueller investigators

--last week, Luke Harding and the Guardian reported, with no evidence, that Manafort had met with Julian Assange on 3 occasions; Caitlin Johnstone takes them to the woodshed

--Michael Cohen’s new guilty plea suggests that the contacts with Russians in 2016 were about the elusive Moscow hotel deal, not election scheming

--Comey negotiates rules for testimony to lame-duck House Intel committee

--Adam Schiff, who will chair that committee in January, calls for perjury investigation of Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi

--House Dems will lead with campaign finance and corruption reforms they know will be DOA in the Senate

--in Wisconsin, lame duck GOP legislators rush bills to limit power of newly elected Dem governor and attorney general

--Al Franken resurfaces with a podcast about health care

--Neil deGrasse Tyson denies rape allegation, apologizes to women who reported sexual harassment

--Israeli police recommend bribery and fraud charges against Netanyahu

--CIA leak angers Director Haspel, revealing metadata of communications between MBS and Saudi assassins in Istanbul

--Qatar blames Saudis is it announces its exit from OPEC

--TrumpCo is fast-tracking process to drill in Arctic Wildlife Refuge

--in Paris, protests over Macron’s economy turn to riots

--in Hungary, rightwing strongman Orban expels university funded by George Soros

--Facebook document shows that “Definers” delivered intel on Soros

--listener John Zweibel thinks 5G critics are exaggerating risks

--media goes overboard, again, rewriting the history of GHW Bush

--former San Francisco radio host Ray Taliafero found dead in Paducah, KY