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PBC News & Comment: Did Trump Imagine G-20 Trade Deal With China?

Trump claims he gave China 90-day reprieve on increased tariffs, says farm exports to resume, but Beijing has different story…–as Trump embarrassed us again at world forum, his dinner with Xi Jinping produced very different reports

–Trump has been getting reports from Manafort’s lawyers on his “cooperation” with Mueller investigators

–last week, Luke Harding and the Guardian reported, with no evidence, that Manafort had met with Julian Assange on 3 occasions; Caitlin Johnstone takes them to the woodshed

–Michael Cohen’s new guilty plea suggests that the contacts with Russians in 2016 were about the elusive Moscow hotel deal, not election scheming

–Comey negotiates rules for testimony to lame-duck House Intel committee

–Adam Schiff, who will chair that committee in January, calls for perjury investigation of Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi

–House Dems will lead with campaign finance and corruption reforms they know will be DOA in the Senate

–in Wisconsin, lame duck GOP legislators rush bills to limit power of newly elected Dem governor and attorney general

–Al Franken resurfaces with a podcast about health care

–Neil deGrasse Tyson denies rape allegation, apologizes to women who reported sexual harassment

–Israeli police recommend bribery and fraud charges against Netanyahu

–CIA leak angers Director Haspel, revealing metadata of communications between MBS and Saudi assassins in Istanbul

–Qatar blames Saudis is it announces its exit from OPEC

–TrumpCo is fast-tracking process to drill in Arctic Wildlife Refuge

–in Paris, protests over Macron’s economy turn to riots

–in Hungary, rightwing strongman Orban expels university funded by George Soros

–Facebook document shows that “Definers” delivered intel on Soros

–listener John Zweibel thinks 5G critics are exaggerating risks

–media goes overboard, again, rewriting the history of GHW Bush

–former San Francisco radio host Ray Taliafero found dead in Paducah, KY