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PBC News & Comment: Ecuador Pressures Assange to Vacate London Embassy

Ecuador says it has written agreement with Britain about extraditing Julian Assange, as former top embassy official denies Manafort visit….–as US rolls back access to contraception and abortion, Ireland makes abortion legal and free

–German conservatives pick likely successor to Angela Merkel, Annegret Kram-Karrenbauer

–in Afghanistan, election panel invalidates all votes in Kabul region in October election, but higher officials try to ignore their findings

–modest effort at sentencing reform, First Step Act, faces opposition from Sen. Tom Cotton, who falsely calls it “jailbreak law”

–Trump formally names former Attorney General Bill Barr to replace Sessions, will he recuse on Russia probe due to public comments critical of Mueller?

–Trump picks former Fox & Friends co-host Heather Nauert as UN Ambassador

–in Swiss interview, Tucker Carlson defects from Trump land, says Don is lazy, stupid

–Trump’s housekeeper at Bedminster Golf Club reveals she is undocumented

–EPA will weakend clean water rules to benefit farmers and golf course owners

–Mueller will report on Manafort’s lies and Cohen’s cooperation to judge today, making our Dear Tweeter very nervous

–new progressive members of House expose the corporate tilt of their orientation sessions

–in Michigan, lame duck GOP opportunists pass bills to constrain incoming Democratic electeds, but will outgoing Gov. Rick Snyder sign them?

–in Charlottesville, jury begins deliberations of accused racist who drove his car into counter-protesters and killed Heather Heyer