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PBC News & Comment: Arrest of Chinese Tech Exec Raises Tensions, Lowers Dow

Meng Wanzhou arrested in Vancouver about the time Trump dined with Xi in Buenos Aires; extradition to US is expected….–destabilizing tweets continue from our Stable Genius Tariff Man

–as Brexit vote looms Tuesday, PM May is said to be considering a second referendum

–Yemen’s warring factions are meeting in Stockholm, outcome uncertain

AP reports Mueller team is focusing on lobby shops of Tony Podesta and Vin Weber, both were hired by Manafort to lobby for Ukraine

–on Rachel Maddow last night, Rep. Adam Schiff updated Russiagate after Flynn sentencing memo release, and describes corruption, not collusion

–in new interview at WhoWhatWhy, your humble host talks about Fox “News” founder Roger Ailes with filmmaker Alexis Bloom

Public Citizen alerts us to new Trump appointees with glaring conflicts of interest, like most of the gang

–Interior Dept. seeks to open more public lands to oil drilling by reducing protections for an endangered species by 500%

–in North Carolina, GOP state director seems open to new election in CD 9 after more reports of tainted mail-in ballots

–Pennsylvania Republicans join colleagues in Wisconsin and Michigan, using lame duck power to punish newly-elected Democrats

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s advisers are worried about fallout from her DNA test, and consider an apology to Native Americans

–Facebook internal emails show schemes to get Android phone users’ data without getting permission

–in New Jersey warehouse, Amazon robot sends 24 workers to hospital after puncturing can of bear repellant