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PBC News & Comment: Arrest of Chinese Tech Exec Raises Tensions, Lowers Dow

Meng Wanzhou arrested in Vancouver about the time Trump dined with Xi in Buenos Aires; extradition to US is expected….--destabilizing tweets continue from our Stable Genius Tariff Man

--as Brexit vote looms Tuesday, PM May is said to be considering a second referendum

--Yemen’s warring factions are meeting in Stockholm, outcome uncertain

--AP reports Mueller team is focusing on lobby shops of Tony Podesta and Vin Weber, both were hired by Manafort to lobby for Ukraine

--on Rachel Maddow last night, Rep. Adam Schiff updated Russiagate after Flynn sentencing memo release, and describes corruption, not collusion

--in new interview at WhoWhatWhy, your humble host talks about Fox “News” founder Roger Ailes with filmmaker Alexis Bloom

--Public Citizen alerts us to new Trump appointees with glaring conflicts of interest, like most of the gang

--Interior Dept. seeks to open more public lands to oil drilling by reducing protections for an endangered species by 500%

--in North Carolina, GOP state director seems open to new election in CD 9 after more reports of tainted mail-in ballots

--Pennsylvania Republicans join colleagues in Wisconsin and Michigan, using lame duck power to punish newly-elected Democrats

--Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s advisers are worried about fallout from her DNA test, and consider an apology to Native Americans

--Facebook internal emails show schemes to get Android phone users’ data without getting permission

--in New Jersey warehouse, Amazon robot sends 24 workers to hospital after puncturing can of bear repellant