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PBC News & Comment: Cohen Says Trump Was Right to Call Him “Weak”

Drawing 3-year prison term, Michael Cohen says he was “weak” in covering up Trump’s “dirty deeds” over many years….

--Michael Flynn’s lawyers outline entrapment claims even as they admit he lied and seek no jail time

--in recap of Cohen, Flynn and Manafort cases, major promoter of Russiagate, The Guardian, shows no evidence of Russian interference or collusion 

 --Brexit chaos grows in Britain, as Conservatives plan no-confidence vote on their own prime minister, Theresa May

--finally, Bernie Sanders leads on a foreign policy issue, pressing war powers vote to end US role in Yemen

--Bernie never fought the DNC that rigged the primaries against him, but court allows fraud lawsuit to proceed

--in New York,  a grand jury will hear evidence of WTC demolition on 9/11, a major break for those who want a real investigation

--Rudy Giuliani, who profiteered on 9/11, is now cashing in on his connection to Trump, peddling his services to dictators

--Jared and Ivanka are poised to profit from “opportunity zones” that Ivanka pushed for

--investigation of election fraud in North Carolina CD9 should include the primary, too

--new PBC podcast at WhoWhatWhy reviews Bill Cinton’s ugly 1996 welfare reform, with former Rep. Lynn Woolsey and author Felicia Kornbluh

--incoming Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley challenged corporate ties and spoke up for marginalized communities

--wheeling and dealing, Nancy Pelosi nears deal to return as Speaker with 4-year limit

--NY Times fingers Chinese spies for massive Marriott hack,then admits that US intel hasn’t confirmed it

--after grilling of Google CEO yesterday, The Guardian reveals that 49% of Googlers are temps, vendors or contractors, who are second-class workers