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PBC News & Comment: Progressives Push Pelosi Leftward

To regain Speakership, Pelosi plays “Let’s Make a Deal”, and progressives are winning some key policy changes in the process…

--as David Dayen reports, Progressive Caucus wins repeal of rule requiring supermajority for tax increases

--enviros still finding resistance to “Green New Deal” plans

--as we learn that Marathon Oil, Koch Bros. and ALEC are winning their fight to roll back auto emissions rules

--under Obama, climate change activists were treated like terrorists, new documents show it continued in 2016 with nonviolent event in Indiana

--one GOP vote from Sen. Susan Collins enabled passage of Senate resolution to expose donors to dark money nonprofits

--House likely to pass bill that ends taxpayer funding of settlements for sex harassment by members

--NJ Democrats scheme to expand one-party rule

--Republicans in Michigan double-cross voters again,scheming to limit ballot initiatives as they gut minimum wage increase they cynically approved just a few months ago

--to survive Parliament’s no-confidence vote, Theresa May had to promise not to seek re-election, leaving Brexit unresolved

--in Sweden, Yemen’s warring parties agree to immediate cease-fire at Hodeidah, offering some hope that famine will be eased

--but Republicans in both houses blocked resolutions to end US role in Yemen

--Turkey warns US it will attack US-backed Kurdish fighters in Syria

--AP report adds some details to recent Gaza conflict sparked by shootout with covert Israeli team that had snuck into Gaza

--just in time for the “war on Christmas”, Scrooge McTrump orders deportation of legal Cambodian immigrants

--twin NY Times reports give whiplash: one says China is“treading lightly” with trade war, next reports escalation of diplomatic feud,2 Canadians are held

--Trump tweets excuses about Michael Cohen’s implication of The Donald, as National Enquirer owner admits to campaign law violations

--Maria Butina pleads guilty to one spying charge, her cooperation could prove links from Russians to NRA

--corporate tax giveaway enabled Apple to “bring home” $250billion in profits, and Apple will spend one of those billions on campus in Austin, Texas

--Nomi Prins, Wall Street whistleblower, reviews income and wealth inequality at the end of 2018