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PBC News & Comment: Sanders, Feinstein Oppose Anti-BDS Bill

Sens. Bernie Sanders and Dianne Feinstein reject unconstitutional limits on BDS aimed at Israel, even though they don’t support BDS….--NY Times editorial offers correct, but weak arguments against Cardin-Portman bill

--Glenn Greenwald broke the story of Texas school speech therapist who lost her job after refusing to sign pledge to oppose BDS

--Palestinian negotiator reveals testy exchange with Jared Kushner

--Trump’s withdrawal from Syria—by Tweet—draws criticism for bad style, but the endless war machine (media, Dems and Repubs) angrily objects

--Kurdish fighters in Syria threatened to release 1,110 IS fighters as US abandons them to Turkey

--at ConsortiumNews, Patrick Lawrence supports the announced decision, but doesn’t expect to see a full US withdrawal

--Goldman Sachs faces criminal charges in Malaysia and US for its role in fraud at Malaysian state investment fund

--Prof. Peter Phillips details the small, incestuous circle of powerful people who control the world economy in his new book, Giants: The Global Power Elite

--federal courts in DC and SF deal big setbacks to Trump’s efforts to curtail asylum seekers at the border

--despite those rulings, TrumpCo bullied Mexico into taking migrants in Mexico while they await asylum rulings

--NY Times reveals that its source for this week’s report on Russian targeting of black Americans ran secret “Russian style” influence operation in Alabama in 2017

--FAKE NEWS: Germany’s Der Spiegel fires reporter who fabricated many stories

--tweeters slam Mother Jones editor Clara Jeffery for using skewed poll numbers in tweet against Bernie Sanders

--more facts about Beto, as David Sirota studies O’Rourke voting record

--judges cover for Kavanaugh: as expected, complaints filed against Brett Kavanaugh are dismissed on judicial technicality

--teen vaping has exploded in the past few years

--Dems offer no opposition to Trump’s plan to militarize space