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PBC News & Comment: Sanders, Feinstein Oppose Anti-BDS Bill

Sens. Bernie Sanders and Dianne Feinstein reject unconstitutional limits on BDS aimed at Israel, even though they don’t support BDS….NY Times editorial offers correct, but weak arguments against Cardin-Portman bill

–Glenn Greenwald broke the story of Texas school speech therapist who lost her job after refusing to sign pledge to oppose BDS

–Palestinian negotiator reveals testy exchange with Jared Kushner

–Trump’s withdrawal from Syria—by Tweet—draws criticism for bad style, but the endless war machine (media, Dems and Repubs) angrily objects

–Kurdish fighters in Syria threatened to release 1,110 IS fighters as US abandons them to Turkey

–at ConsortiumNews, Patrick Lawrence supports the announced decision, but doesn’t expect to see a full US withdrawal

–Goldman Sachs faces criminal charges in Malaysia and US for its role in fraud at Malaysian state investment fund

–Prof. Peter Phillips details the small, incestuous circle of powerful people who control the world economy in his new book, Giants: The Global Power Elite

–federal courts in DC and SF deal big setbacks to Trump’s efforts to curtail asylum seekers at the border

–despite those rulings, TrumpCo bullied Mexico into taking migrants in Mexico while they await asylum rulings

NY Times reveals that its source for this week’s report on Russian targeting of black Americans ran secret “Russian style” influence operation in Alabama in 2017

–FAKE NEWS: Germany’s Der Spiegel fires reporter who fabricated many stories

–tweeters slam Mother Jones editor Clara Jeffery for using skewed poll numbers in tweet against Bernie Sanders

–more facts about Beto, as David Sirota studies O’Rourke voting record

–judges cover for Kavanaugh: as expected, complaints filed against Brett Kavanaugh are dismissed on judicial technicality

–teen vaping has exploded in the past few years

–Dems offer no opposition to Trump’s plan to militarize space