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PBC News & Comment: Trump Ends Obama’s Syria Blunders

Bolton and Mattis enraged as Trump ignores their advice and orders US troops out of Syria, ending Obama’s dual-track failures…--Kurdish militias who've been the only useful US proxy forces will be left to the mercy of Turkey, which appears to have none

--Russia, Turkey and Iran reach agreement to write new Syrian constitution

--hacked diplomatic cables reveal Chinese anger at Trump’s bullying on trade

--NY Times reveals how Facebook shared personal data with corporate partners, as PBC is blocked after accepting offer to “boost post” on Tuesday podcast

--respected tech columnist John C. Dvorak was fired by PC magazine after August column challenging the safety of 5G Wireless

--at Flynn sentencing hearing yesterday, Judge Sullivan hammered both sides, asking my questions about why Flynn isn’t indicted for Turkey lobbying

--at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern tweaks Michael Issikoff for changing his tune about “collusion”

--Senate GOP signals no shutdown over The Wall, at least this week

--Senators congratulate themselves on “First Step” sentencing reform, but it has many critics

--at The Intercept, Natasha Lennard worries that this will be the “Only Step”

--at Truthout, James Kilgore—who wore an ankle bracelet for a year—argues that “reforms” of cash bail and sentencing are creating new prisons at home

--big surprise, as new Mexican president AMLO’s idea for economic development in Latin America gets swift pledge of $10 billion in US funding

--Gov. Jerry Brown was blocked by state supreme court after he pardoned convict to prevent his deportation