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PBC News & Comment: Will Trump Rescue Us from His Imaginary Crisis?

Trump will address the nation tonight about the “security and humanitarian” crisis that exists only in his twisted little mind….--TV networks roll over for Trump, after refusing to carry Obama’s immigration talk and allow Chuck ‘n’ Nancy to respond

--Fox & Friends maintain loyalty to Trump’s lies, in contradiction to Fox anchor Chris Wallace’s debunking lies of Sarah Sanders

--Dems warn Trump not to abuse emergency powers

--trial opens in San Francisco over challenge to Trump plan to ask about citizenship in 2020 census

--John Bolton’s Mideast trip to modify Trump’s Syria withdrawal idea hits big roadblock in Turkey, as Erdogan refuses to meet with him

--2 years after that squirrelly “Intel Assessment” about Russiagate, Ray McGovern recaps the narrative and media malpractice

--and a clever commenter wrote new lyrics to “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”

--the American lawyer for the Russians challenging Mueller’s indictment of the troll farm is smacked by judge for unorthodox arguments

--Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya is indicted for obstruction in unrelated case

--Rachel Maddow went deep on Raleigh case of Russian accused of money laundering and attempted murder for hire, cuz it’s RUSSIANS!

--new report claims proof that Ukraine, not Russia, shot down MH-17 in 2014

--Dutch intelligence accuse Iran of assassinations in Netherlands in 2015 and 2017

--in new in-depth interview, journalist Dahr Jamail and expert Dan Hirsch detail the dangers of toxic emissions from November’s Woolsey fire, which started at abandoned military lab near Los Angeles

--as Obamacare refuses to die, new CA Gov. Newsom and NY Mayor DiBlasio expand health access to undocumented residents

--in British Columbia, 14 protesters arrested for blocking pipeline construction

--Alabama group withdraws award from Angela Davis because she supports BDS

--British journalist and activist Andy Worthington has events in DC and NY this week to amplify calls to close Guantanamo