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PBC News & Comment: Will Trump Rescue Us from His Imaginary Crisis?

Trump will address the nation tonight about the “security and humanitarian” crisis that exists only in his twisted little mind….–TV networks roll over for Trump, after refusing to carry Obama’s immigration talk and allow Chuck ‘n’ Nancy to respond

–Fox & Friends maintain loyalty to Trump’s lies, in contradiction to Fox anchor Chris Wallace’s debunking lies of Sarah Sanders

–Dems warn Trump not to abuse emergency powers

–trial opens in San Francisco over challenge to Trump plan to ask about citizenship in 2020 census

–John Bolton’s Mideast trip to modify Trump’s Syria withdrawal idea hits big roadblock in Turkey, as Erdogan refuses to meet with him

–2 years after that squirrelly “Intel Assessment” about Russiagate, Ray McGovern recaps the narrative and media malpractice

–and a clever commenter wrote new lyrics to “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”

–the American lawyer for the Russians challenging Mueller’s indictment of the troll farm is smacked by judge for unorthodox arguments

–Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya is indicted for obstruction in unrelated case

–Rachel Maddow went deep on Raleigh case of Russian accused of money laundering and attempted murder for hire, cuz it’s RUSSIANS!

–new report claims proof that Ukraine, not Russia, shot down MH-17 in 2014

–Dutch intelligence accuse Iran of assassinations in Netherlands in 2015 and 2017

–in new in-depth interview, journalist Dahr Jamail and expert Dan Hirsch detail the dangers of toxic emissions from November’s Woolsey fire, which started at abandoned military lab near Los Angeles

–as Obamacare refuses to die, new CA Gov. Newsom and NY Mayor DiBlasio expand health access to undocumented residents

–in British Columbia, 14 protesters arrested for blocking pipeline construction

–Alabama group withdraws award from Angela Davis because she supports BDS

–British journalist and activist Andy Worthington has events in DC and NY this week to amplify calls to close Guantanamo