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PBC News & Comment: Kaspersky Labs Exposed Accused NSA Data Thief

NSA contractor Harold Martin collected secrets for 20 years, was reported to NSA after he contacted Kaspersky labs in Russia….--Politico broke the story, riddled with irony, as Kaspersky has been banned from doing business with US govt agencies due to Russiagate

--as Manafort lawyers accidentally reveal details of his alleged lies to prosecutors, NY Times claims that its speculation is “clearest evidence to date” of collusion

--Rod Rosenstein reportedly preparing to exit Justice Dept after new AG starts

--Trump delivers on Dems depiction of him, throwing hissy fit and stomping out of meeting after Pelosi says no to his Wall

--in last night’s brief “speech” Trump posed as a humanitarian with a wall that will end migrants’ misery, lying to sustain his fake crisis

--fact checkers worked diligently on Trump’s remarks, but missed the one about the alleged California cop killer

--Schumer and Pelosi made some valid rebuttals, but the optics were bad

--hours after new CA Gov. Newsom joined Oregon and Washington leaders in request for federal help on fire prevention, Trump tweets misspelled threats

--Gitmo transcript indicates CIA Director Bloody Gina Haspel may have run black site at Guantanamo

--in Florida, former felons begin to register to vote, based on November ballot initiative

--Tennessee governor grants clemency to Cyntoia Brown, who says she was victim of sex trafficking

--veteran labor reporter David Bacon reveals the winning strategy that led major strike by hotel workers in San Francisco