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PBC News & Comment: Secret British Operation Aims to Influence Americans

Max Blumenthal continues to expose Britain’s “Integrity Initiative” which fights “Russian disinformation” with British disinformation, now being imported to the US….–read the new report here

–in new, in-depth interview, investigator Derek Seidman explains how lobbyist Lucy Gikovich influenced key decisions by former CA Gov. Jerry Brown

–investigative journalist Beau Hodai shares blockbuster report on vigilante border patrol funded by billionaire Warren Buffet’s son, Howard. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here

–in McAllen, Texas for border wall photo op, Trump claims he never said Mexico would pay for a wall, and repeats threat to declare emergency

–at Truthout, legal scholar Marjorie Cohn says that would be unconstitutional

–Listener Fred shares clips from 1958 cowboy movie “Trackdown” which features a con man named Trump…watch it here

–billionaire Tom Steyer won’t run for prez, kicks in another $40 million to impeach Trump

–Listener Jerry in Italy notes that Greenwald says we should call American billionaires oligarchs, as Sens. Warren and Sanders slam the rich

–in Cairo, shameless Mike Pompeo rejects Obama’s 2009 speech that expressed shame for the impacts of US policy

–Turkey renews threat to slaughter Kurds in Syria

–US ramps up bombing raids in Syria after Trump’s retreat tweet

–Lady Gaga apologizes to R. Kelly accusers for musical collaboration

–AOC slams Daily Caller for fake nude photo