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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Thought Police Launch “Newsguard”

Following Facebook’s October purge of Indy media sites, Newsguard service that says Fox News, Voice of America are credible sources….--read the MintPress News report here

--Dems and media aren’t that outraged by Trump’s biggest lie to date, that he never said Mexico would pay for his wall

--on the Wall, shutdown and possible declaration of emergency, Trump lives up to Jeb Bush’s tag of “chaos candidate”

--as Trump and allies demagogue isolated cases of immigrant crimes, they won’t notice the case of 22-year-old female cop killed in Davis, CA by young white guy

--Pompeo projects ugly American arrogance, and adds to confusion as Pentagon announces that hardware is being extracted from Syria, but not troops

--Glenn Greenwald reports that polls demonstrate how Democrats have grown more militaristic and pro-war

--new study shows oceans are warming 40% faster than predicted

--Treasury boss Mnuchin baffled secret House hearing yesterday when asked to explain sanctions relief for Oleg Derapaska

--South Korean president predicts new Trump-Kim talks soon

--in Venezuela, Maduro is sworn in for second term amid economic collapse due to low oil prices and US interference

--delayed Brexit vote is set for Parliament next week

--Florida’s new racist governor pardons Groveland Four, black men who were wrongly blamed for raping white girl in 1949

--Iowa’s “ag-gag” law to prevent reporting of farming violations joins similar laws declared unconstitutional