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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Infers “Trump Worked for the Russians”

In latest salvo of unproven assertions, The Times uses FBI investigations prompted by Comey’s firing to float latest collusion meme….--read the article here, and look at paragraph 11’s admission that begins “No evidence has emerged publicly….”

--in tweetstorm and TV interview, Trump blasts back

--and Glenn Greenwald returns to Russiagate, to note that it’s a J. Edgar Hoover tactic

--NY Times issued crucial correction in this Manafort-gave-polling-to-Derapaska story  last week, but this article shows WashPost didn’t get it yet

--Dems in House demand details of Trump’s secret meetings with Putin

--retread AG nominee Barr faces confirmation hearings, and pledges to let Mueller finish his work

--while corporate media attack Barr for recent sins, they black out his resume, which includes work at CIA under Poppy Bush, Iran/Contra, pardons

--in Saudi Arabia, Pompeo feigns tough talk as he reassures bloodthirsty MBS that it’s all OK

--Trump tweets threats at Turkey over Kurds, as Pentagon leaks to discredit Bolton

--leaked State Dept. memo written for Hillary Clinton exposes the advice that led to US blunders in Syria

--in rare move, Netanyahu acknowledges recent Israeli air strike in Syria

--listener Ian Berman comments on Israel’s Christmas Day raid on Damascus, which put airliners in the crossfire

--federal judge in California blocks Trump’s contraception rules in 13 states, but they go into effect in other states

--as Trump rejects plan to end shutdown, IRS robots threaten collection actions but there’s no human to stop them

--at my rogue utility, P G & E, top execs are bailing as bankruptcy looms

--reporter Beau Hodai posts 3rd installment of investigation of Howard Buffet’s vigilante work on southern border, exposing Trump-style lies about immigrant crimes

--alleged cop-killer in Davis is identified, a white male American named Limbaugh; safe bet that Trump won't mention this case

--judge rules in favor of wrongly convicted “domestic terrorist” Hamid Hayat