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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Infers “Trump Worked for the Russians”

In latest salvo of unproven assertions, The Times uses FBI investigations prompted by Comey’s firing to float latest collusion meme….–read the article here, and look at paragraph 11’s admission that begins “No evidence has emerged publicly….”

–in tweetstorm and TV interview, Trump blasts back

–and Glenn Greenwald returns to Russiagate, to note that it’s a J. Edgar Hoover tactic

NY Times issued crucial correction in this Manafort-gave-polling-to-Derapaska story  last week, but this article shows WashPost didn’t get it yet

–Dems in House demand details of Trump’s secret meetings with Putin

–retread AG nominee Barr faces confirmation hearings, and pledges to let Mueller finish his work

–while corporate media attack Barr for recent sins, they black out his resume, which includes work at CIA under Poppy Bush, Iran/Contra, pardons

–in Saudi Arabia, Pompeo feigns tough talk as he reassures bloodthirsty MBS that it’s all OK

–Trump tweets threats at Turkey over Kurds, as Pentagon leaks to discredit Bolton

–leaked State Dept. memo written for Hillary Clinton exposes the advice that led to US blunders in Syria

–in rare move, Netanyahu acknowledges recent Israeli air strike in Syria

–listener Ian Berman comments on Israel’s Christmas Day raid on Damascus, which put airliners in the crossfire

–federal judge in California blocks Trump’s contraception rules in 13 states, but they go into effect in other states

–as Trump rejects plan to end shutdown, IRS robots threaten collection actions but there’s no human to stop them

–at my rogue utility, P G & E, top execs are bailing as bankruptcy looms

–reporter Beau Hodai posts 3rd installment of investigation of Howard Buffet’s vigilante work on southern border, exposing Trump-style lies about immigrant crimes

–alleged cop-killer in Davis is identified, a white male American named Limbaugh; safe bet that Trump won’t mention this case

–judge rules in favor of wrongly convicted “domestic terrorist” Hamid Hayat