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PBC News & Comment: Trump Ends Shutdown Without Wall Funding

Trump craters after 34-day partial shutdown, implies that he’ll use emergency powers if Congress doesn’t deliver in 3 weeks….--in dawn raid by 29 agents, Mueller arrests Roger Stone on indictment that is only about lying to Congress and alleged witness tampering

--in fresh in-depth interview, The Nation’s Aaron Maté comments on Stone and breaks down the recent wave of media malpractice

--read the Stone indictment here

--Dems and media break from Trumpocalypse to embrace regime change in Venezuela

--Kevin Gosztola shows how the “resistance” is on board with Trump-backed coup against Maduro, and names names

--NY Times editorial leads the rationalization rhetoric

--FBI and CIA were overruled by White House official who approved security clearances for Jared Kushner and 30 other appointees

--Rep. Tulsi Gabbard declares run for president

--Joe Biden defends his $200,000 speech (money laundered through nonprofit) that helped Michigan GOP Rep. Fred Upton win narrow victory

--Rep Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) joins Cannabis Caucus as co-chair

--Bronx man is exonerated 29 years after false confession led to murder conviction

--US begins blocking asylum seekers at San Diego border

--Facebook will combine the instant message apps at Facebook, Instagram and Whats App

--as market for recycled cardboard has collapsed, Amazon floods American homes with excess packaging, as consumer products firms test re-usable containers