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PBC News & Comment: Trump Ends Shutdown Without Wall Funding

Trump craters after 34-day partial shutdown, implies that he’ll use emergency powers if Congress doesn’t deliver in 3 weeks….–in dawn raid by 29 agents, Mueller arrests Roger Stone on indictment that is only about lying to Congress and alleged witness tampering

–in fresh in-depth interview, The Nation’s Aaron Maté comments on Stone and breaks down the recent wave of media malpractice

–read the Stone indictment here

–Dems and media break from Trumpocalypse to embrace regime change in Venezuela

–Kevin Gosztola shows how the “resistance” is on board with Trump-backed coup against Maduro, and names names

NY Times editorial leads the rationalization rhetoric

–FBI and CIA were overruled by White House official who approved security clearances for Jared Kushner and 30 other appointees

–Rep. Tulsi Gabbard declares run for president

–Joe Biden defends his $200,000 speech (money laundered through nonprofit) that helped Michigan GOP Rep. Fred Upton win narrow victory

–Rep Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) joins Cannabis Caucus as co-chair

–Bronx man is exonerated 29 years after false confession led to murder conviction

–US begins blocking asylum seekers at San Diego border

–Facebook will combine the instant message apps at Facebook, Instagram and Whats App

–as market for recycled cardboard has collapsed, Amazon floods American homes with excess packaging, as consumer products firms test re-usable containers