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PBC News & Comment: Gringo Trump Stokes Coup in Venezuela

In risky, unprecedented move, Trump tweets “recognition” of Venezuelan opposition leader who declared he’s replaced Maduro as military stands firm….WashPost coverage oozes contempt for socialism as it features Pence and Pompeo’s support for coup

Guardian runs op-ed by Maduro opponent who warns of “catastrophic US intervention”

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola offers a more accurate view

–Michael Cohen gets Senate subpoena after delaying House testimony following Mafia-style comments from Trump and Giuliani

–unbowed by Mueller smackdown, Buzzfeed still promotes its reports that Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress

Buzzfeed trumps Giuliani claim there were “no plans” for Trump Moscow project, by publishing some of the plans

Buzzfeed deserves credit for exposing American Jewish consultants who used anti-Semitic attacks on George Soros

Buzzfeed announces layoff of 200 employees, as Yahoo group fires 800

–Trump grandly defers to Speaker’s “prerogative” in postponing SOTU

–when shutdown ends, federal employees will get full back pay, and more; but contractors have no such promises

–new reports place 2018 as 4th hottest year ever

–CA Sen. Kamala Harris is running for prez, gets fawning interview from Rachel Maddow; Whitney Webb has a more critical look

–also at MintPress News, listener Ian Berman responds to unfair response to Michelle Alexander’s opinion column “breaking silence” on Israel/Palestine

–Assange lawyers file suits to expose US charges and stop Ecuador surveillance, as Gizmodo reports huge cache of WikiLeaks data has been grabbed by US

–American-born anchor for Iran’s Press TV Marzieh Hashemi is released after being forced to testify to secret hearing