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PBC News & Comment: Democratic “Resistance” Ain’t Resisting Venezuelan Coup

Max Blumenthal’s video shows members of Congress are avoiding comment as they back Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams support for puppet Guaido….--watch Blumenthal’s video here

--Correction: yesterday, I said Elliot Engel when I meant Elliot Abrams

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola challenges the “liberal case” for intervention

--NY Times continues biased reporting,  as The Guardian forecasts planned protests for tomorrow

--end-running Trump’s breach of Iran deal, Britain France and Germany set up firm to barter with Iran and maintain the agreement

--Dem prez candidates all oppose McConnell’s rebuke of Trump for intending to withdraw US troops from Syria and Afghanistan

--NJ Sen. Cory Booker announces presidential bid, as OH Sen. Sherrod Brown signals his intentions, Bernie Sanders proposes higher estate taxes, and Elizabeth Warren apologizes to Cherokee Nation for DNA test blunder

--Family Tree DNA agrees to open its files to FBI cold case investigators, riling users

--when peaceful protesters from By Any Means Necessary were knifed by white supremacists in Sacramento, FBI investigated BAMN

--as national Dems go silent on abortion rights, NY and VA try to strengthen them

--ICE sent Notices to Appear to immigrants in many cities, who showed up for nonexistent hearings yesterday

--unnamed sources at Senate Intel say Don Jr. didn’t call Daddy on day of meeting with Russians at Trump Tower

--in interview with NY Times publisher and reporters, Trump dances around the damage of his attacks on media with loads of self-pity

--House Dems on Energy & Commerce think they have neutered “Green New Deal”

--opioid drug lords, the Sackler family, considered marketing a drug to help wean OxyContin addicts