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PBC News & Comment: Democratic “Resistance” Ain’t Resisting Venezuelan Coup

Max Blumenthal’s video shows members of Congress are avoiding comment as they back Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams support for puppet Guaido….–watch Blumenthal’s video here

–Correction: yesterday, I said Elliot Engel when I meant Elliot Abrams

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola challenges the “liberal case” for intervention

NY Times continues biased reporting,  as The Guardian forecasts planned protests for tomorrow

–end-running Trump’s breach of Iran deal, Britain France and Germany set up firm to barter with Iran and maintain the agreement

–Dem prez candidates all oppose McConnell’s rebuke of Trump for intending to withdraw US troops from Syria and Afghanistan

–NJ Sen. Cory Booker announces presidential bid, as OH Sen. Sherrod Brown signals his intentions, Bernie Sanders proposes higher estate taxes, and Elizabeth Warren apologizes to Cherokee Nation for DNA test blunder

–Family Tree DNA agrees to open its files to FBI cold case investigators, riling users

–when peaceful protesters from By Any Means Necessary were knifed by white supremacists in Sacramento, FBI investigated BAMN

–as national Dems go silent on abortion rights, NY and VA try to strengthen them

–ICE sent Notices to Appear to immigrants in many cities, who showed up for nonexistent hearings yesterday

–unnamed sources at Senate Intel say Don Jr. didn’t call Daddy on day of meeting with Russians at Trump Tower

–in interview with NY Times publisher and reporters, Trump dances around the damage of his attacks on media with loads of self-pity

–House Dems on Energy & Commerce think they have neutered “Green New Deal”

–opioid drug lords, the Sackler family, considered marketing a drug to help wean OxyContin addicts