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PBC News & Comment: Dems Join Pro-Life Extremists in Attempt to Abort Gov. Northam

Dems join GOP in denouncing Virginia Gov. Northam over 1984 racist photo, released in coordinated assault on Dems, abortion rights….--hypocrisy and political opportunism soar to new levels, as viral rush to judgment is used to abort careers of pro-choice leaders, as Limbaugh tipped on Friday

--second assault is on African American Lt. Gov. Fairfax, a sleazy attack by Big League Politics aimed at neutralizing Northam’s potential successor

--at NY Times, Michelle Goldberg covers the abortion battle, but doesn’t slink it to the Northam smear

--the coordinated assault on abortion rights is exposed by VoteProChoice

--media and almost all electeds continue to support the Bolton plan to take out Maduro, and it’s disgusting

--more yellow journalism from NY Times, boosting Guiado’s image

--Twitter takes sides, deleting 2,000 pro-Maduro accounts

--The Guardian runs a fair story quoting Maduro, and this oped from an anti-Maduro writer who warns against intervention

--Putin matches Trump, pulls Russia out of INF treaty to enable arms race

--major news outlets continue to ignore nuclear shipment from S. Carolina dumped on Nevada in double-cross

--great turnout for Dahr Jamail talk about The End of Ice on Saturday; audio and video will be posted soon

--it was a 2-smear weekend, as NBC used tainted “New Knowledge” as source to claim that Tulsi Gabbard is darling of Russia, and Glenn Greenwald gets it

--on “listening tour” in Iowa, OH Sen. Sherrod Brown astounds progressives by pooh-poohing Medicare for All

--in mostly-incoherent pre-Superbowl interview, Trump declines to promise to release a Mueller report

--Axios gets dump of Trump’s schedule, showing he spends most of his time watching TV and tweeting

--new chapter in grisly history of Brooklyn’s federal prison, where electricity and most heat were off for a week

--fight erupted after one group of Detroit cops set up a drug sting and another group tried to bust it