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PBC News & Comment: Virginia Scandals Embroil Third Top Democrat

Following GOP attacks on governor and lieutenant governor, Virginia’s Democratic attorney general reveals dressing in blackface in 1980, chaos ensues….--Democrats and media continue to ignore the political attacks on Gov. Northan and LG Fairfax

--in another blow from the archives, Elizabeth Warren admits she claimed to be “American Indian” in 1986 Texas Bar form

--Trump drops countless lies and exaggerations in State of the Union speech, calling for “unity” which means capitulation by Democrats

--Emory Prof. Carol Anderson identifies some of Trump’s lies, and explains the context of Stacey Abrams’ official response

--analysts and fact-checkers work overtime on SOTU speech

--Bernie Sanders gave a powerful rebuttal to Trump’s speech, you can watch it here

--in challenge to Trump, Pelosi says she will accept conference committee legislation on border security

--Pelosi rejects Trump’s “all-out threat” over investigations, but won’t pursue impeachment

--House Intel Committee delays Cohen appearance, and sends Mueller transcripts of interviews, expecting more charges of “lying to Congress”

--Buzzfeed’s 2 megastories on Russiagate are supported by evidence, but don’t reach any major conclusions; read the Trump Moscow report here and the Russian lobbyist payments story here

--Venezuelan troops block border bridge with Columbia, as Maduro views offers of humanitarian aid as a Trojan horse

--in nuanced comments, official of Britain’s Labour party dissents from regime change in Venezuela

--in first fallout from US exit from INF treaty, Russia responds with talk of “invincible” medium range hypersonic missiles

--Googlers protested Pentagon contract “Project Maven”, Google outsourced the work to low-paid gig workers