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PBC News & Comment: Virginia Scandals Embroil Third Top Democrat

Following GOP attacks on governor and lieutenant governor, Virginia’s Democratic attorney general reveals dressing in blackface in 1980, chaos ensues….–Democrats and media continue to ignore the political attacks on Gov. Northan and LG Fairfax

–in another blow from the archives, Elizabeth Warren admits she claimed to be “American Indian” in 1986 Texas Bar form

–Trump drops countless lies and exaggerations in State of the Union speech, calling for “unity” which means capitulation by Democrats

–Emory Prof. Carol Anderson identifies some of Trump’s lies, and explains the context of Stacey Abrams’ official response

–analysts and fact-checkers work overtime on SOTU speech

–Bernie Sanders gave a powerful rebuttal to Trump’s speech, you can watch it here

–in challenge to Trump, Pelosi says she will accept conference committee legislation on border security

–Pelosi rejects Trump’s “all-out threat” over investigations, but won’t pursue impeachment

–House Intel Committee delays Cohen appearance, and sends Mueller transcripts of interviews, expecting more charges of “lying to Congress”

Buzzfeed’s 2 megastories on Russiagate are supported by evidence, but don’t reach any major conclusions; read the Trump Moscow report here and the Russian lobbyist payments story here

–Venezuelan troops block border bridge with Columbia, as Maduro views offers of humanitarian aid as a Trojan horse

–in nuanced comments, official of Britain’s Labour party dissents from regime change in Venezuela

–in first fallout from US exit from INF treaty, Russia responds with talk of “invincible” medium range hypersonic missiles

–Googlers protested Pentagon contract “Project Maven”, Google outsourced the work to low-paid gig workers