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PBC News & Comment: Serial Extortionist Jeff Bezos Fights Tabloid’s Extortion Attempt

Amazon has extorted cities for tax concessions, now Bezos exposes National Enquirer’s offer to hide dick pix for Bezos falsehood…Enquirer got photos and Bezos’ texts with mistress, tried to use them to leverage shutdown of WashPost investigations that could unravel plea deal in Cohen case

–read Bezos’ remarkable statement here

Greenwald notes that Bezos is making big bucks from surveillance, and may have been outed by NSA or other spooks

–Amazon threatens to cancel “2nd HQ” in Long Island

–and the Enquirer’s propaganda work for Saudi Prince MBS may be a factor

–Manafort’s plea deal may also fall apart, as he is accused of lying to increase prospects of Trump pardon

–acting Attorney General Whitaker appears before House committee, says he didn’t talk to Trump about Mueller investigation

–in new book, former FBI #2 McCabe says Rosenstein was really pissed that Trump made him write memo used to fire Comey, then appointed Mueller 5 days later

–Trump slams Adam Schiff for meeting with Fusion GPS boss, and cites Sen. Burr’s comment, “no collusion so far”

–Chief Justice casts swing vote to temporarily block Louisiana pretextual law to shut abortion clinics

–Greg Palast, who covered the US-backed coup attempt in Venezuela in 2002, exposes the racism that drives the new coup attempt

NY Times report admits that the new sanctions will hammer the poor, and are not likely to drive Maduro from power

The Guardian breaks ranks from world media, posts honest report on the real leader of the coup, Leopoldo Lopez

–and at The Nation, Peter Kornbluh confirms that Maduro is only the first target of Bolton’s scheme

–corporate Dems aren’t too excited by Green New Deal, and the Justice Democrats who got AOC elected plan to primary some of them

–your smart phone constantly reports your location, and scumbag bounty hunters have been able to track their targets to a chilling degree of accuracuy

NY Times highlights Democrats’ divisions over Israel and also reports on recent wave of attacks on Palestinians by armed Jewish settlers

–new Israeli anti-BDS campaign calls us “terrorists in suits”

–and one reason is that BDS is having a measurable impact