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PBC News & Comment: Trump and Beto O’Rourke Duel in El Paso

No pistols are involved, but O’Rourke’s rally and march will directly confront Trump’s mob rally in support of The Wall…–Congressional negotiations on border bill have broken down, another shutdown could start Friday

–New Mexico’s new Democratic governor pulls most National Guard troops from border deployment by Trump

–new Dem California Governor Newsom slams “manufactured crisis” as he pulls most California Guardspeople from the border

–Hungarian strongman Orban ignores climate change and refugee rights as he uses tax incentives to promote more Hungarian births

–for a wrenching, first person account of human trafficking, committed by and against Americans, we talk with Elizabeth Quiroz in new podcast

–in Sunday NY Times, Bret Stephens details the false case that progressive criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic

–and Sunday night, a stupid Twitter war blew up because Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) made honest comments about AIPAC’s influence on the US Congress

–Pelosi piles on with Jewish Dems who all use the term “tropes” to claim incredible hurt from hearing the truth, and Omar issues apology

–Pelosi’s statement on Venezuela is cockeyed and inaccurate, too

–Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Elizabeth Warren officially launch prez bids, as Sen. Kamala Harris admits she inhaled, says weed “gives a lot of people joy”

NY Times reporter Maggie Astor goes deep on sexism toward women candidates, mixing accurate research with some psychobabble

–in Virginia, it looks like the white guys who dabbled in blackface will survive, but the African American accused of sexual assaults will get forced out

–at Newsweek, opinion piece by Ian Wilkie says Mattis admits there was “no evidence” that Assad used Sarin in Ghouta or Khan Sheikoun

–and at The Intercept, James Harkin does a deep dive into claims of chemical weapons used by Assad forces in Douma