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PBC News & Comment: Bipartisan Demagogues Slam Rep. Ilhan Omar, Proving Her Point

Tweets aren’t always elegant or thoughtful, but Omar has been shamed and silenced for self-evident observations on Israeli influence…--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola recaps the tweetstorm and delivers a fine rant

--Caitlin Johnstone derides “Twitter outrage groupthink orgies”

--USF Prof. Stephen Zunes offers top 10 alternative reasons for US-Israel duet in Facebook post

--at The Intercept, Ryan Grim quotes from al Jazeera’s documentary “The Lobby”, which has never aired due to pressure from Israel and allies

--and Mehdi Hasan recaps quotes of AIPAC insiders boasting of its influence

--and also at The Intercept, James Harkin does a deep dive into claims of chemical weapons used by Assad forces in Douma

--James Bamford exposes corporate media’s tabloid yellow journalism in Maria Butina case, everything we were initially told was false or exaggerated

--new poll, based on small sample, shows Americans believe Mueller more than Trump, WashPost uses findings to lower expectations of Mueller’s endgame

--house Judiciary hires anti-Trump lawyers to investigate obstruction, but doesn’t call it impeachment foreplay

--after lengthy deliberations, jury convicts El Chapo on all counts

--Beto O’Rourke’s counter protest drew a bigger crowd than Trump’s mob rally in El Paso, as committee says they’ve reach a deal on border legislation

--bipartisan silence in US as Egypt’s al Sisi changes laws so he can be military dictator for life

--in gauzy feature on Juan Guaido, WashPost confirms that the Venezuela regime change scam has been in the works for months, guided by Leopoldo Lopez

--formerly liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals deals Trump a victory on border wall pre-emptions, splits hairs to block warning labels on sugary sodas in San Francisco

--more Americans are facing the repo man now than in 2008, as 7 million car loans are seriously delinquent

--and if you’re expecting a tax refund to get current on car payments, it may be smaller or you may owe more than you thought