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PBC News & Comment: Bipartisan Demagogues Slam Rep. Ilhan Omar, Proving Her Point

Tweets aren’t always elegant or thoughtful, but Omar has been shamed and silenced for self-evident observations on Israeli influence…–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola recaps the tweetstorm and delivers a fine rant

–Caitlin Johnstone derides “Twitter outrage groupthink orgies”

–USF Prof. Stephen Zunes offers top 10 alternative reasons for US-Israel duet in Facebook post

–at The Intercept, Ryan Grim quotes from al Jazeera’s documentary “The Lobby”, which has never aired due to pressure from Israel and allies

–and Mehdi Hasan recaps quotes of AIPAC insiders boasting of its influence

–and also at The Intercept, James Harkin does a deep dive into claims of chemical weapons used by Assad forces in Douma

–James Bamford exposes corporate media’s tabloid yellow journalism in Maria Butina case, everything we were initially told was false or exaggerated

–new poll, based on small sample, shows Americans believe Mueller more than Trump, WashPost uses findings to lower expectations of Mueller’s endgame

–house Judiciary hires anti-Trump lawyers to investigate obstruction, but doesn’t call it impeachment foreplay

–after lengthy deliberations, jury convicts El Chapo on all counts

–Beto O’Rourke’s counter protest drew a bigger crowd than Trump’s mob rally in El Paso, as committee says they’ve reach a deal on border legislation

–bipartisan silence in US as Egypt’s al Sisi changes laws so he can be military dictator for life

–in gauzy feature on Juan Guaido, WashPost confirms that the Venezuela regime change scam has been in the works for months, guided by Leopoldo Lopez

–formerly liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals deals Trump a victory on border wall pre-emptions, splits hairs to block warning labels on sugary sodas in San Francisco

–more Americans are facing the repo man now than in 2008, as 7 million car loans are seriously delinquent

–and if you’re expecting a tax refund to get current on car payments, it may be smaller or you may owe more than you thought