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PBC News & Comment: Israel Controls Sophisticated Influence Campaign in US

False claims of anti-Semitism are part of playbook, as suppressed documentary "The Lobby" exposes Israel’s offensive campaign against BDS….--al Jazeera’s powerful documentary has never been aired, but you can watch it here

--AIPAC uses the Twitter spat with Rep. Ilhan Omar to collect more “Benjamins”

--Jews defend Omar, and expose details about AIPAC:Ady Barkan at The Nation ,

Mairav Zonszein at WashPost

And Jonathan Ofir at Mondoweiss

--yesterday, Rep. Omar brushed back Eillott Abrams over his war crimes, and House voted to assert war powers in Yemen, with anti-BDS amendment

--60-nation Warsaw meeting claims to focus on all of the MidEast, but it’s about war with Iran

--McConnell predicts budget bill with border money will prevent shutdown, but Rush Limbaugh pans it

--California’s new governor Gavin Newsom sends mixed messages about high speed rail project, and Trump demands $3.5 billion refund of federal money

--in fresh in-depth interview, psychiatrist Justin Frank puts Trump on the couch

--in 60 Minutes interview to promote his book, former FBI #2 Andy McCabe talks about his actions after Comey was fired

--at ConsortiumNews, Gareth Porter covers some of the same ground

--NY Times and MSNBC use Manafort’s lies to spin more conspiracy theories about collusion

--former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney issues new report, “Why the DNC was not hacked by Russians”

--in New Yorker megastory, Ronan Farrow and Adam Entous expose Israeli private spy company Psy Group, which reportedly did some work on Trump campaign

--MintPress reveals the company that’s been making repeated flights to Venezuela, one of which was carrying weapons

--Congress is finally paying attention to burn pit victims from Iraq and Afghan wars

--serial extortionist Jeff Bezos pulls out of plan to build campus in Long Island