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In-Depth Interview: Ex-NSA Tech Director Bill Binney and Ex-CIA Analyst Larry C. Johnson Add Evidence Disproving Russian Hack of DNC

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Bill Binney is joined by Larry C. Johnson to talk about their new report with more evidence that DNC emails were leaked, not hacked.Binney, who has talked with us many times in the past, returns with former CIA and State Dept. intelligence officer, Larry C. Johnson.

Binney and Johnson just released a report with additional evidence to support Binney’s theorem that the DNC servers suffered an insider leak, not a remote hack from Russia or elsewhere.

The new evidence relates to metadata which shows that the FAT system was used to copy the files, which involves different architecture than the product of a remote hack.

Along the way, we discuss the many investigative leads that Mueller has not pursued, starting with Binney’s analysis.  This list includes Julian Assange, Ambassador Craig Murray of Britain, Seth Rich, Imran Awan, and Israeli intelligence.