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PBC News & Comment: Millions Bet $27 on Bernie

CNN rolls out the gaslights to greet Bernie Sanders’ entry in 2020 race, as his base donates $6 million in first day…--CNN’s Chris Cillizza starts with 5 loaded questions about Bernie  and listener Fred notes that Wolf Blitzer will host town hall with Sanders

--CNN names GOP attack dog Sarah Isgur as “political editor”

--after decades of abuse, Supreme Court finally puts some limits on civil asset forfeitures

--mainstream media are now admitting that the claims of nerve agents used by Assad in Douma last year were staged, but US retaliatory bombing was real

--rocker Roger Waters calls out Richard Branson’s Venezuelan fundraising concert as cynical ploy of US and other regime change backers

--bucking the corporate media, Yahoo News runs report asserting that socialism isn’t the problem in Venezuela

--thousands march in France to protest real anti-Semitism after cemetery is vandalized

--some American rabbinical students visit the West Bank and express compassion

--Michael Cohen granted 60-day delay to report to prison

--based on leaks, CNN says Mueller report may be finished “as soon as next week

--WashPost rehashes Trump/Russia connections, names some known unknowns

--NY Times megareport builds case for obstruction of justice, and exposes Trump call to acting AG Whitaker that Whitaker may have lied about to House committee

--reflexively, Trump attacks The Times as “enemy of the people”

--at Counterpunch, Matthew Johnson agrees with PBC: impeachment is the response to power grab on The Wall

--TrumpCo tries to grab back money from California’s high speed rail project

--Pope Francis labels PBC and other chronic critics of his church “friends of the devil”