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PBC News & Comment: Is Mueller Show Ready to Wrap?

Rumors abound that Mueller will submit report to new AG Barr soon, but nobody seems to know what happens next….–Neal Katyal, who helped write the special counsel rules, says to expect brief report that can fuel congressional investigations or impeachment

–Rosen is nominated to replace Rosenstein as Deputy AG

–in new in-depth interview, intelligence expert James Bamford reveals the truth about Russian Maria Butina

–with dubious evidence, Politico reports that online disinformation aimed at Democrats running for president “suggests the involvement of foreign state actors”

–the proven election fraud in North Carolina was committed by paid American operatives, not Russians

–as the US meddles in Venezuela, Max Blumenthal takes us to a fully stocked supermarket

–actor Jussie Smollet is now a suspect, Chicago police say he staged the reported assault because he wanted a raise

–Coast Guard lieutenant is arrested after plotting to kill Dems and media figures, and no paid FBI informant is mentioned in initial reports

–Britain’s Labor leader Corbyn finally articulates Brexit alternatives

–the Dutch historian who upset Davos with talk of taxes wallops Tucker Carlson, and releases the interview that Fox didn’t air

–after years of denials, FBI admits it shares Terrorist Watch List with 1,400 groups

NY Times reports that goals of Green New Deal are achievable, at a price

–the administration plans new climate change panel led by happy denier

–Wall Street embraces disaster capitalism at home, raising investment for “opportunity funds” enabled by Trump’s corporate tax package of 2017