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PBC News & Comment: In Scripted Venezuela Coup, Directors Call “Action!”

US-backed “humanitarian” Trojan horses will attempt to breach Venezuelan borders from Brazil and Colombia this weekend, Maduro takedown underway….–corporate media play up border conflict, defection of former spy chief, and threats of epidemics to stoke made-for-TV uprising

–and for extra drama, Mike Pompeo links Iran and Hezbollah to Maduro

— Abby Martin delivers great on the ground reporting

–Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin disrupted DC event led by phony ambassador

–House begins process to overturn Trump’s “emergency” declaration

–transgender woman who sought US asylum has been killed in El Salvador

–defense lawyers at Gitmo confirm suspicions: CIA shared torture details with Zero Dark Thirty filmmakers

–Roger Stone’s trial judge just gagged him….can she make it permanent?

–NY prosecutors ready charges against Manafort, double jeopardy insurance against a Trump pardon?

–Ocasio-Cortez fires back at billionaire funders of Times Square billboard blaming AOC for Amazon’s pullout

–former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling is out of prison

–El Chapo may get new trial due to jury misconduct

–Arizona cop who threatened 12-year-old reporter gets reprimand

–Facebook says you can clear your history, but how much will they keep?

–Oscar contender Green Book is “based on a true story”, but just barely, says Dr. Wilmer Leon in new WhoWhatWhy podcast

–sex offenses dominate the news: Time’s Up CEO resigns as her son faces charges; R. Kelly charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse; Patriots owner Kraft busted for BJ at Florida massage parlor; judge blasts violation of victims’ rights in Epstein deal; at Vatican meeting on sex scandals, feeble reforms are proposed.

–Jussie Smollett is written out of “Empire”, drug allegations surface

–3 California prisons have seen “gladiator fights” in recent weeks, Shadowproof reports