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PBC News & Comment: In Scripted Venezuela Coup, Directors Call “Action!”

US-backed “humanitarian” Trojan horses will attempt to breach Venezuelan borders from Brazil and Colombia this weekend, Maduro takedown underway….--corporate media play up border conflict, defection of former spy chief, and threats of epidemics to stoke made-for-TV uprising

--and for extra drama, Mike Pompeo links Iran and Hezbollah to Maduro

-- Abby Martin delivers great on the ground reporting

--Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin disrupted DC event led by phony ambassador

--House begins process to overturn Trump’s “emergency” declaration

--transgender woman who sought US asylum has been killed in El Salvador

--defense lawyers at Gitmo confirm suspicions: CIA shared torture details with Zero Dark Thirty filmmakers

--Roger Stone’s trial judge just gagged him….can she make it permanent?

--NY prosecutors ready charges against Manafort, double jeopardy insurance against a Trump pardon?

--Ocasio-Cortez fires back at billionaire funders of Times Square billboard blaming AOC for Amazon’s pullout

--former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling is out of prison

--El Chapo may get new trial due to jury misconduct

--Arizona cop who threatened 12-year-old reporter gets reprimand

--Facebook says you can clear your history, but how much will they keep?

--Oscar contender Green Book is “based on a true story”, but just barely, says Dr. Wilmer Leon in new WhoWhatWhy podcast

--sex offenses dominate the news: Time’s Up CEO resigns as her son faces charges; R. Kelly charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse; Patriots owner Kraft busted for BJ at Florida massage parlor; judge blasts violation of victims’ rights in Epstein deal; at Vatican meeting on sex scandals, feeble reforms are proposed.

--Jussie Smollett is written out of “Empire”, drug allegations surface

--3 California prisons have seen “gladiator fights” in recent weeks, Shadowproof reports