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PBC News & Comment: US Media Stokes Conflict as Dems Enable Trump’s Plot to Depose Maduro

Corporate media fudge timelines to declare “deadly clashes” over the weekend as “humanitarian” Trojan horse effort fails to divide military….–VP Mike Pence is in Bogota, meeting with US puppet Guaido and dispensing sanctions and US money for Guaido

–Max Blumenthal is on the ground, exposing media propaganda

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola notes that Maduro permitted 900 tons of aid to enter last week, from China, Russia, Cuba and Turkey

–Canadian journalist exposes that nation’s central role in Lima Group and regime change

–at Common Dreams, Adam Johnson says we all know the “humanitarian aid” story is bogus, and at Truthdig, Lee Camp offers ironic overview commentary

–Bernie Sanders muddles his position in a Tweet

–US media are just getting around to reporting Netanyahu’s rebuke by AIPAC for new alliance with Israel’s far, far right Jewish Power party of Meir Kahane

–at Truthout, Marjorie Cohn warns that new sanctions on Cuba may be imminent

–Trump delays his arbitrary tariff increases on China as talks continue

–Trump caves to Pentagon and allies, will leave 400 troops in Syria

–Labour Party now backs second Brexit referendum

Green Book wins Best Picture at Oscars, here’s the link to my podcast discussing inaccuracies in the film

–Vatican conference on sex abuse & coverup looks like damage control, with only one major change

–the students who were lectured on Green New Deal by Sen. Feinstein get arrested at Mitch McConnell’s office

–federal judge rules that military draft must include women

–taste a little “word jazz” from the inimitable Ken Nordine, who just died at age 98

–San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi died suddenly at age 59