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PBC News & Comment: Which Liar Do You Believe?

Michael Cohen, who lied to protect Trump, is hammered by Individual 1 and allies who call him “pathetic” before testimony….–due to Mueller investigation and other issues, his public testimony will be limited

–federal appeals court rules that Mueller probe is legit

–at WashPost, Jennifer Rubin airs out impeachment, and concludes it’s not a good idea; your humble host disagrees

WashPost cites anonymous sources to report that our cyberwarriors blocked those pesky Russian trolls on election day, saving our democracy!

–with lowered expectations, Trump and Kim hold second summit in Vietnam

–in first cross border raid since 1971, India bombed 40 miles inside Pakistan’s border

–desperate, Theresa May now seeks approval from Parliament to delay Brexit

–disgracing US media, Univision’s Jorge Ramos insulted Maduro, who had cameras and gear grabbed after testy interview

–contradicting US media reports, Max Blumenthal goes shopping again in Caracas, and finds food in the public markets

–at ConsortiumNews, John Kiriakou unloads on DC superlawyer Greg Craig, who deserves it

–Kiriakou wins Defender of Liberty Award, The Nation reports

–in new in-depth interview, author Peter Laufer shares fascinating tales from the world of turtles, including people like Kai Xu, who was jailed for illegal trafficking

–Bernie Sanders was strong on income and wealth gaps in CNN town hall, but disappointed on Russiagate, Venezuela, his tax returns, and socialism

–Elizabeth Warren copies Bernie, will reject favors for big donors and “call time”