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PBC News & Comment: Judge Sets Trial Date for Abu Ghraib Torturers

After 10-year legal battle, federal judge rejects repeated motions, sets trial date for CACI contractors who tortured Abu Ghraib prisoners…--Center for Constitutional Rights persisted in fight for accountability, reports Shadowproof

--in in-depth interview, Dr. Jeff Kaye confirms that CIA had 2 separate torture programs, and one involved human experimentation to refine torture tactics

--GOP wimps like Sen. Lamar Alexander raise objections to Trump’s emergency declaration, but will they actually vote against it?

--in surprise shift, new president of Mexico AMLO is going along with Trump asylum policies to avoid “poking the bear”

--Russia and China block US resolution on Venezuela at UN Security Council

--in negotiations, US offers to exit Afghanistan in about 5 years

--in another premature ejaculation, Trump claims IS is 100% defeated….time for a big victory parade?

--UN Human Rights Council says Israel may have committed crimes against humanity in shooting deaths of 189 Palestinian protesters

--Canadian Justice Minister, since demoted, offers damaging testimony on Prime Minister Trudeau’s interference in legal case

--The Guardian posts op-ed from Canadian journalist Leah McLarenon Trudeau's troubles

--FDA warns against Canadian pharmaceutical imports, part of Trump scheme to raise drug prices in other countries

--Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announces presidential bid based on climate change

--Gov. Cuomo takes a knee to Jeff Bezos, leads effort to beg Amazon to exploit New Yorkers with “2nd headquarters” in Queens

--Pelosi regains control of Dems in second gun bill, as AOC tells moderates they will be “primaried”

--federal judge in Texas stops GOP purge of voter lists

--why did it take Cohen’s testimony to draw attention to Trump’s check writer, Allen Weisselberg?

--Trump directly overruled just about everybody to force approval of security clearance for Crown Prince Jared