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PBC News & Comment: Trump Massages Little Kim, With No Happy Ending

Trump continues bromance with Kim Jong-un, but walks out of Hanoi talks with no new agreement with North Korea…--North Korea’s foreign minister gives rare news conference to clarify Kim was only seeking “partial” sanctions relief

--Pelosi gloats over Trump’s failure, continuing Democrats’ anti-Trump anti-peace posture

--The Nation’s Tim Shorrock pointed out the Dems’ position before the summit

--Day 2 coverage of Cohen testimony shows that many Republicans are willing to go down with/for Trump, and Dems are scared of impeachment

--near the hearing’s end, Chairman Cummings brushed off the racism shown by right wing nut Mark Meadows, one of 2 GOP designated attack dogs

--Trump and allies claim Cohen is totally unbelievable, except on Russian collusion claims

--Cohen confirmed Trump’s longtime bully tactics, which continue as he threatens Republicans who oppose his emergency decree

--impeachment is discussed by NY Times, John Nichols at The Nation, and Politico

--Paksitan offers to release captured Indian pilot, and confirms only 1 Indian jet was shot down

--after lengthy investigations, Israel’s attorney general will indict Netanyahu on 3 corruption charges

--Venezuela’s wannabe president, Juan Guiado is stuck in Sao Paolo with those Caracas blues, faces arrest on return

--6-week strike by Mexican auto workers gets covered in US media, ending blackout, reports World Socialist Website

--House Dems pass background check bill, after GOP wins procedural vote that will be used against Dems

--GOP court-packing rolls on, as Seattle lawyer is confirmed to 9th Circuit without approval of either senator from Washington state

--Mueller team admits error, submits new info in Manafort sentencing process

--in earnings report, rogue utility PG&E admits it probably caused fire that destroyed Paradise, but is still arguing about it in local press here