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PBC News & Comment: Democrats’ Plans to Censure Omar Prove Her Point

Driven by AIPAC and allies, Democratic leaders press for rebuke of Rep. Ilhan Omar for “anti-Semitic” comments she’s never made….--after contentious meeting, resolution adds rejection of Islamaphobia and vote is delayed

--Trump retweets demand from anti-Muslim groups that Omar be bounced from Foreign Affairs Committee

--Glenn Greenwald and Caitlin Johnstone offer strong criticism of hypocrisy

--the most remarkable comments PBC has seen so far are from self-described Zionist and establishment Democrat Paul Waldman in WashPost

--a rarity at NY Times, op-ed columnist Ross Douthat offers lucid predictions about Mueller report

--Cohen’s evidence shows that 6 of 8 checks for hush money repayment were signed personally by Trump while in office

--Trump’s brutal immigration policies are designed to deter migrants, and they are failing, bigly

--Trump said he would slash the trade deficit, but 2018 set new record highs

--Democrats introduce “Save the Internet” bills in House and Senate

--WhoWhatWhy report probes PG&E’s premature bankruptcy filing

--hard to believe, but Fox “News” had the Stormy Daniels story before the 2016 election, but Sir Rupert spiked it

--DNC Chair Perez says Fox will not host any debates in 2020 primary

--as OR Sen. Jeff Merkley and Mike Bloomberg bow out of presidential run, former CO Gov. Hickenlooper jumps in

--Stacey Abrams, who narrowly lost tainted election for GA governor, mulls run for senate, or president

--Bernie takes some advice from his campaign team, gets more personal in weekend campaign rallies, and the old white guy is polling well with black voters