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PBC News & Comment: Democrats’ Plans to Censure Omar Prove Her Point

Driven by AIPAC and allies, Democratic leaders press for rebuke of Rep. Ilhan Omar for “anti-Semitic” comments she’s never made….–after contentious meeting, resolution adds rejection of Islamaphobia and vote is delayed

–Trump retweets demand from anti-Muslim groups that Omar be bounced from Foreign Affairs Committee

Glenn Greenwald and Caitlin Johnstone offer strong criticism of hypocrisy

–the most remarkable comments PBC has seen so far are from self-described Zionist and establishment Democrat Paul Waldman in WashPost

–a rarity at NY Times, op-ed columnist Ross Douthat offers lucid predictions about Mueller report

–Cohen’s evidence shows that 6 of 8 checks for hush money repayment were signed personally by Trump while in office

–Trump’s brutal immigration policies are designed to deter migrants, and they are failing, bigly

–Trump said he would slash the trade deficit, but 2018 set new record highs

–Democrats introduce “Save the Internet” bills in House and Senate

WhoWhatWhy report probes PG&E’s premature bankruptcy filing

–hard to believe, but Fox “News” had the Stormy Daniels story before the 2016 election, but Sir Rupert spiked it

–DNC Chair Perez says Fox will not host any debates in 2020 primary

–as OR Sen. Jeff Merkley and Mike Bloomberg bow out of presidential run, former CO Gov. Hickenlooper jumps in

–Stacey Abrams, who narrowly lost tainted election for GA governor, mulls run for senate, or president

–Bernie takes some advice from his campaign team, gets more personal in weekend campaign rallies, and the old white guy is polling well with black voters