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PBC News & Comment: Democrats Press Resolution for Selective Political Correctness

While the amended resolution rejects all forms of hate, it’s clearly driven by false claims of anti-Semitism, proving Israeli influence….--confusion continues as leaders want to vote today to avoid distraction from election reform bill that is dead on arrival

--NY Times columnists with deep ties to Israel slam Omar while posing as free speech advocates: Bret Stephens, here; and Tom Friedman, here

--Sens. Sanders, Warren and Harris defend Omar, one more than the others

--Israeli electoral committee bans Arab candidates for Knesset, but allows far right candidate to run

--second federal court issues stronger ruling against adding citizenship question to 2020 census

--Homeland Security boss declares border crisis is real, uses unproven claim of “recycling” of child immigrants

--the budget bill that ended risk of government shutdown was supposed to fund more immigration judges, but it didn’t

--The Guardian tours detention camp for migrant kids in Homestead, Florida, it’s not pretty

--Dr. Jeff Kaye publishes detailed report on alleged suicide of Haji Naseem at Gitmo

--Dem prez updates: Sherrod Brown drops out, Joe Biden wants to feel a draft, and Tulsi Gabbard touts her marijuana legalization plan

--Michael Cohen accused of lying about pardon prospects and his interest in a White House job

--in emotional testimony, appointed AZ Sen. Martha McSally says she was raped while serving in the Air Force

--Facebook founder Zuck offers a vision of greater privacy for his users, and Sam Biddle says we should be skeptical