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PBC News & Comment: Media Malpractice Exposed in Venezuela Coverage

NY Times coverage of Venezuela is mostly slanted toward regime change, but it exposes false reports on “humanitarian aid” torching….--the report on February 23 “false flag” is here

--Glenn Greenwald’s searing critique is here

--Greenwald is also asking, “what happened to Tony Podesta?”

--foreign policy analyst Bob Dreyfuss fears that TrumpCo will stumble into war with Iran

--is North Korea rebuilding missile and nuke sites, or is the Deep State trying to scuttle Trump’s major initiative?

--Rep. Ilhan Omar stirs more controversy with honest criticism of Obama policies, and it appears Politico juiced up the quotes

--at The New Yorker, Adam Gopnik looks at pros and cons of impeachment, and leans “pro”

--Trump deploys US troops in Israel to meddle in April election, as Netanyahu uses Trump-style racism to divide and motivate Israeli voters

--and former Mossad agents are harassing American students and BDS supporters

--Homeland Security is expanding airport photo collection under facial recognition program

--in latest scheme to end abortion rights, states are passing “fetal heartbeat” laws that are obviously unconstitutional

--and GOP court-packing is leading Dems to consider expanding Supreme Court

--Dems will hold 2020 convention in Milwaukee

--Beto O’Rourke seems ready to announce for prez, as Politico reports new respect for Bernie Sanders in Senate

--Trump administration releases budget plan with $8.5 billion more for The Wall, and increase defense spending

--in swipe at California, FEMA refuses to pay $300 million for Oroville Dam repairs

--state regulators appear to be giving serious thought to breakup of PG&E, as we proposed in recent podcast interview

--HBO’s John Oliver fights robocalls by unleashing torrent of robocalls on FCC