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PBC News & Comment: Media Malpractice Exposed in Venezuela Coverage

NY Times coverage of Venezuela is mostly slanted toward regime change, but it exposes false reports on “humanitarian aid” torching….–the report on February 23 “false flag” is here

–Glenn Greenwald’s searing critique is here

–Greenwald is also asking, “what happened to Tony Podesta?”

–foreign policy analyst Bob Dreyfuss fears that TrumpCo will stumble into war with Iran

–is North Korea rebuilding missile and nuke sites, or is the Deep State trying to scuttle Trump’s major initiative?

–Rep. Ilhan Omar stirs more controversy with honest criticism of Obama policies, and it appears Politico juiced up the quotes

–at The New Yorker, Adam Gopnik looks at pros and cons of impeachment, and leans “pro”

–Trump deploys US troops in Israel to meddle in April election, as Netanyahu uses Trump-style racism to divide and motivate Israeli voters

–and former Mossad agents are harassing American students and BDS supporters

–Homeland Security is expanding airport photo collection under facial recognition program

–in latest scheme to end abortion rights, states are passing “fetal heartbeat” laws that are obviously unconstitutional

–and GOP court-packing is leading Dems to consider expanding Supreme Court

–Dems will hold 2020 convention in Milwaukee

–Beto O’Rourke seems ready to announce for prez, as Politico reports new respect for Bernie Sanders in Senate

–Trump administration releases budget plan with $8.5 billion more for The Wall, and increase defense spending

–in swipe at California, FEMA refuses to pay $300 million for Oroville Dam repairs

–state regulators appear to be giving serious thought to breakup of PG&E, as we proposed in recent podcast interview

HBO’s John Oliver fights robocalls by unleashing torrent of robocalls on FCC