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PBC News & Comment: Pelosi Nixes Impeachment, and She’s Wrong!

Speaker Pelosi says Trump impeachment would be divisive distraction, and “he’s just not worth it” ; even ambiguity would be better….–in his latest clear-eyed look at Russiagate, The Nation’s Aaron Maté shows that Mueller has not alleged that any of his suspects conspired with Russia

–Trump is impeachable for obstruction and corruption, and NY state attorney general is investigating Deutsche Bank after Cohen exposed loan fraud

–Trump’s connections to Florida massage parlor owner Cindy Yang are exposed, and Yang was peddling access to Trump to wealthy Chinese

–toothless FEC bites hard on Jeb Bush 2016 campaign, as ex-con brother Neil solicited big donations from US corporations run by noncitizens

–Venezuela investigates Guaido for sabotage of electric grid, as Grayzone Project exposes 2010 seminar where Guaido was schooled on shutting down the grid

–Parliament defeats May’s latest Brexit plan by 149 votes

–US is the only major nation that hasn’t grounded Boeing 737 Max 8 planes after deadly crash in Ethiopia

–Elizabeth Warren’s Facebook ads calling for breakup of Facebook were blocked, then restored

–in in-depth interview, Adam Eichen makes the case for ranked choice voting in crowded Democratic primaries

–as Joe Biden prepares to announce, Norman Solomon reminds us of his checkered past

–TrumpCo is closing all 21 international offices that help with citizenship process

–FBI investigation into college admissions scams targets 33 parents, including some Hollywood stars

–in NYC, activists work to block pipeline planned to bring fracked gas from Pennsylvania into New York

–Chris Hedges, who was NY Times Mideast bureau chief for many years, lays out the truth of “Israel’s stranglehold on American politics”