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PBC News & Comment: Pelosi Nixes Impeachment, and She’s Wrong!

Speaker Pelosi says Trump impeachment would be divisive distraction, and “he’s just not worth it” ; even ambiguity would be better….--in his latest clear-eyed look at Russiagate, The Nation’s Aaron Maté shows that Mueller has not alleged that any of his suspects conspired with Russia

--Trump is impeachable for obstruction and corruption, and NY state attorney general is investigating Deutsche Bank after Cohen exposed loan fraud

--Trump’s connections to Florida massage parlor owner Cindy Yang are exposed, and Yang was peddling access to Trump to wealthy Chinese

--toothless FEC bites hard on Jeb Bush 2016 campaign, as ex-con brother Neil solicited big donations from US corporations run by noncitizens

--Venezuela investigates Guaido for sabotage of electric grid, as Grayzone Project exposes 2010 seminar where Guaido was schooled on shutting down the grid

--Parliament defeats May’s latest Brexit plan by 149 votes

--US is the only major nation that hasn’t grounded Boeing 737 Max 8 planes after deadly crash in Ethiopia

--Elizabeth Warren’s Facebook ads calling for breakup of Facebook were blocked, then restored

--in in-depth interview, Adam Eichen makes the case for ranked choice voting in crowded Democratic primaries

--as Joe Biden prepares to announce, Norman Solomon reminds us of his checkered past

--TrumpCo is closing all 21 international offices that help with citizenship process

--FBI investigation into college admissions scams targets 33 parents, including some Hollywood stars

--in NYC, activists work to block pipeline planned to bring fracked gas from Pennsylvania into New York

--Chris Hedges, who was NY Times Mideast bureau chief for many years, lays out the truth of “Israel’s stranglehold on American politics”