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PBC News & Comment: California Ends Death Penalty Indefinitely

Gov. Newsom orders moratorium on all executions while he’s in office, and shuts down the death chamber at San Quentin….--this is great news for PBC’s friend James P. Anderson, who has been on death row for 40 years and has always claimed he’s innocent

--Australian cardinal George Pell gets 6 years for molesting choir boys

--former NJ priest who was accused by more than 20 victims is found dead in his home near Las Vegas

--in second sentencing, Paul Manafort gets more prison time, now totaling about 7.5 years

--as Mueller investigation is said to be winding up, VIPS says his work is “incomplete”, and recaps Binney’s evidence of DNC leak, not hack

--transcript is released from interview with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page

--Trump ally Willis Krumholz posts list of 35 people who should be investigated for the “Russia hoax” at the Federalist Society website, but it’s “incomplete”, too

--Pelosi’s rejection of impeachment leaves us with a criminal president who will be running for re-election, and could win

--CIA is implicated in break-in and hostage taking at North Korea’s embassy in Madrid, just before the Hanoi summit

--Senators Markey and Lee renew request to put facial recognition program on hold until rules are in place

--ACLU exposes widespread use and abuse of license plate databases to monitor immigrants

--quoting 2 credible NSA whistleblowers, Nafeez Ahmed says it’s unlikely NSA has stopped collecting phone metadata, there just found another way to get it

--corporate media gatekeepers, including CNN hosts and comic Stephen Colbert, have the knives out for presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard

--FBI investigation of college admissions exposes the entitlement and power of wealthy white families in the US