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PBC News & Comment: Ready For Beto?

O’Rourke’s loss to Ted Cruz sets up totally unconventional candidacy, but Beto has exceptional political skills, some of Obama’s traits….

Breaking:  Senate votes 59-41 to reject Trump’s emergency declaration to fund border wall

–in his launch video, O’Rourke frames his run on the twin crises of climate change and political division, says it’s our last chance to fix them

–Florida Mayor Wayne Messam announces longshot bid based on canceling student debt

–Senate votes again to end US role in Yemen war, and GOP maneuvers to kill it

–NY subway ad poster for RBG’s book is defaced with anti-Semitic slur

–in Breitbart interview, Individual 1 uses Trump code to threaten right wing violence

–Trump grandstands as if he made the decision to ground 737 Max jets, as pilots hammer Boeing for not training them on nose-dive software

–in blatant discrimination that panders to Trump’s twitter followers, cruel ban on transgender service members is formally announced

–in private hearing, former temp AG Whitaker concedes that Trump did talk to him about interfering in Cohen prosecution

–nonbinding House resolution demanding public release of Mueller report passes 420-0 vote

–libel suit from Trump groping victim prods federal appeals court to rule that a sitting president can be sued in state court

–Trump administration’s challenge to California sanctuary laws faces tough questions from SF appeals court panel

–DHS boss Nielsen got a tough grilling on asylum law from new Dem Rep. Nannette Barrigan

–yesterday, Facebook outage forced it to use Twitter to explain service interruptions on FB, Instagram and WhatsApp

–Facebook’s data sharing deals are under federal investigation

–if you’ve seen the Oscar-winning film “Green Book”, listen to my podcast with Dr. Wilmer Leon about the wholesale re-write of Don Shirley’s life story

–Brexit chaos continues, as second referendum is ruled out, and a delay seems to be the only viable option