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PBC News & Comment: Strzok Says FBI Was Blocked From Reviewing Clinton Foundation Emails

Ex-FBI official Peter Strzok says Clinton email investigation excluded communications between Foundation and State Dept. under agreement with DOJ…–newly released transcript of interview last summer quotes Strzok “we did not have access”

–at Truthout, Aaron J. Leonard advises skepticism of the FBI and Mueller

–documents released by court show Mueller was spying on Michael Cohen’s email starting in July, 2018

NY Times goes deep on Trump’s 20-year run with Deutsche Bank: he kept “schlonging” the bank, and it kept loaning him big bucks

NY Times offers excellent, interactive review of California wildfires caused by PG&E’s negligence

–at The New Republic, Mark Weisbrot details the ugly coalition supporting regime change in Venezuela

–again, SCOTUS backs Trump with narrow interpretation of federal law, enabling deportation of immigrants with minor crimes, even ancient ones

–a 40-year-old Mexican immigrant died in US custody in El Paso yesterday

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reminds us that Chelsea Manning is till in jail for refusing to testify in WikiLeaks investigation, and recaps critical history

–state of West Virginia sues Catholic diocese for knowingly employing pedophiles, under consumer protection law

–in GOP party-line vote, Missouri senate votes to nullify all federal gun control laws

–Bernie was right about Wall Street’s “trillion dollar bailout”, says Matt Taibi, correcting WashPost fact-checker

The Guardian smears Tulsi Gabbard as Steve Bannon’s favorite Dem

–Elizabeth Warren calls for end to Electoral College

–new models of voting machines can be manipulated, reports WhoWhatWhy

–despite election fraud around mail-in ballots being exposed in NC, California is moving to all-mail voting

–after resisting for years, Facebook agrees to remove ad targeting that allows discrimination in housing, jobs

–Otis Boone is now free, after 8 years in prison based on false eyewitness ID

–Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar, dies at 81 Here’s a PBC favorite, “Ghost Riders in the Sky”