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PBC News & Comment: US Sanctions Are Killing Venezuelans, Says Former UN Official

In separate reports, former UN Rapporteur de Zayas says “sanctions kill”, blasts regime change actors “we are swimming in an ocean of lies”…–read the new Grayzone article here,  and a January story from Britain’s Independent here

–in news conference, regime change actor Elliott Abrams can’t explain how Juan Guaido is still “interim president”, as that expired in mid-February

–the US regime change scheme in Venezuela is causing unrest in Haiti, and led to bizarre US mercenary operation in February, reports The Intercept

–federal judge blocks oil, gas drilling from federal lands in Wyoming, demanding that climate impacts be weighed

federal jury in San Francisco says Roundup was “substantial factor” in plaintiff’s cancer

–Trump is meddling in Israeli election, will host Netanyahu at White House during AIPAC week

–Mideast oracle Tom Friedman has some interesting observations from Jordan

–London Bridge hasn’t fallen down, but Brexit chaos rules in Britain, here’s an update

–EU hits Google with third fine for unfair ad rules, this time $1.7 billion

–Twitter blocks the account of Christine Assange, Julian’s mum

NY Times concocts preview of Mueller report, hoping it confirms the evidence-free reporting on Russiagate

–former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien slams those idiotic panels of “experts” who fill up too much time on the news channel

–at WashPost, Margaret Sullivan correctly notes that Beto, Biden and Bernie are getting most of the coverage of 2020 race, despite all those other fine candidates

–Homeland Security says journalists aren’t being targeted at the southern border, but journalists and DHS documents tell another story

–Dems in House introduce a bill to undo pre-emption of local governments in 5G wireless implementation

–Chicago man whose testimony convicted 5 men of murder explains why he lied: cops beat him to extract false confessions, then rewarded him in prison