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PBC News & Comment: Trump Squanders His “Exoneration” by Mueller

At turns vicious and impulsive, Trump injects chaos into health care and immigration after political win from Mueller report summary….–within hours of DHS Secretary Nielsen’s announcement of agreement to reduce migration, Trump attacks the countries she negotiated with

–and Individual 1 ratchets up tensions with another threat to close Mexican border

–in his impulsive decision to try to eviscerate Obamacare in the courts, Trump scares his GOP allies and gives Dems a big opening

–federal judge deals TrumpCo another setback, blocking rules that allow for substandard coverage through association health plans

–Trump throws Betsy DeVos under the limo, reversing her (actually his) plan to cut federal funding for Special Olympics

–as Dems move to shore up Obamacare, Bernie Sanders firmly rejects incremental approach, as NY Times shows bias in reporting

–OxyContin profiteers, the Sackler family, accused of stashing assets in preparation for many lawsuits

–Dems hang tight on Russiagate, as Adam Schiff gets heated at Intel Committee

–Russian journalist’s op-ed says that Russians always knew there was no collusion

–in fresh in-depth interview here, State Dept. whistleblower Peter van Buren talks about Russiagate, and speculates on the real reason Trump fired Comey

–in fresh PBC podcast at WhoWhatWhy, lawyer Steve Volker explains ruling that blocks KeystoneXL construction, and expects appeal that Trump is above the law

–Brexit chaos continues, as deadline vote reject’s May’s plan, again

–former NSA contractor Hal Martin pleads guilty to mishandling classified documents, is not accused of espionage

–longshot suit to force Iran to pay damages for 9/11 loses in Luxembourg court

–in lengthy feature, NY Times explores how America’s policies toward Israel are dividing US politics

–CA Gov. Newsom blasts rogue, bankrupt utility P G & E for its plans to name new board members

–investors give Lyft a big lift, boosting IPO offering by 20%

–Pope Francis doesn’t want everybody kissing his ring