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PBC News & Comment: Maddow Tops ‘Mueller Madness” Brackets

NY Post spoofs the media malpractice of Russiagate and hyped expectations of the Mueller investigation, and Rachel Maddow is #1….--find the brackets with all the major offenders here

--Mueller report is still secret, but we know it’s more than 300 pages long

--WashPost continues false reporting on Maria Butina, who will be sentenced on April 26

--Ralph Nader calls Mueller report “flat tire” and calls for millions to protest until Trump resigns

--Trump is holding 40,000 Syrian refugees hostage at al-Tanf, reports Whitney Webb at MintPress

--despite Trump’s efforts to tell migrants to stay home, record numbers travel to our Mexican border

--Trump stokes fears of gangs like MS-13, ignoring Ecuador’s legalization of gangs that led to sharp drop in murder rate

--in Venezuela, Maduro government issues ban on Juan Guaido from public office for 15 years

--as Trump tries to stiff Puerto Rico for hurricane relief funds, Dems in House file bill to grant statehood

--2 lefty teenage activists have drafted former Sen. Mike Gravel to run for prez again in 2020

--retired professor Jeff Cohen says don’t mythologize Obama, and offers a list of good reasons

--at Truthout, Medea Benjamin co-authors helpful evaluation of Dem prez candidates on War and Peace

--members of House Progressive Caucus take on DCCC over plan to blackball consultants who work for challengers

--San Francisco jury awards $80 million to Edwin Hardeman, after convicting Monsanto for causing his cancer from exposure to Roundup

--new warning about 5G wireless from British intelligence says Chinese telecom firm Huawei embeds spy tools in its products

--listener Billy Cook shared report that Ivanka’s company—which she supposedly has shut down—won Chinese trademark for voting machines