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PBC News & Comment: Why Does Trump Hate Puerto Rico?

Trump fights hard, tweets ugly, continuing to block aid for Puerto Rico, falsely claiming the money would shortchange Midwest farmers….--the Midwest floods prompt feature story in USA Today that references Vanessa Keith’s book 2100: A Dystopian Utopia, which is now a PBC bonus book

--Trump now says GOP will fix healthcare right after they win the 2020 election, after Mitch McConnell schools him

--in rare interview on hostile network, Crown Prince Jared dismisses whistleblower claims on Fox “News”

--Trump scrambles to salvage nomination of Stephen Moore to Federal Reserve Board

--MintPress reports that Venezuela’s wannabe president Guaido is using regime change tactics from USAID playbook

--in fresh in-depth interview, author and activist Dan Kovalik talks about Russiagate, widespread US election meddling, and the racial divide in Venezuela

--Latin American nations are concerned that US will invoke Bush-era legal theory authorizing interventions in countries “unwilling and unable” to submit

--insightful opinion piece from Max Fisher in NY Times says Brexit is symbol of politics in the Era of No

--as university professors gather for international conference in Canada, lefties like Bill Ayers are denied visas

--900 Googlers sign petition objecting to treatment of contract workers

--Pelosi defends Uncle Joe Biden’s creepy behavior, but tells him to join the “straight-arm club”

--just 2 months ago, the nation’s eyes were on the black-face and sex scandals rocking Virginia; all 3 tainted officials are still in office

--DEA has been collecting data on lawful purchases of money counters, unlawfully

--Trump loses 40th environmental lawsuit, as judge says his Arctic drilling plan “exceeds his authority”

--The Beat is stopped, as Ranking Roger dies at age 56. Click here for the classic “I’m So Excited”